Taipei: Zhongshan Station and Taipei Main Station Area

Taipei Main Station is located right smack in the center of Taipei, and is home to different transportation services such as buses, trains, railways, and pretty much everything the city can offer. My family and I decided to walk around this area, from the 2/28 Peace Park all the way to Zhongshan Station (1 stop away) and MoCA, and we were surprised at we saw!

Apparently, Zhongshan is known for being an artsy and cultural neighborhood, housing places like the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (remind me to dedicate a whole afternoon for this next time!), Taipei Story House, Su Ho Memorial Paper Museum, SPOT – Taipei Film House, among many others.

Right outside Zhongshan Station are malls, restaurants, and quirky cafes, so you may want to check this place out if you haven’t yet!