Press Feature: Esquire’s First Woman of the Web

Thank you Esquire for making me your first “Woman of the Web”! This was shot quite some time ago so I still have shorter brown hair here. First time to do a shoot like this since normally I am asked to dress up in my usual Lookbook fashion. What a refreshing change to just be in comfy clothes and non-gyaru make-up.

It was also such a pleasure to work with Bia who was the photographer for this shoot. Little did the Esquire team (hello Jonty and Ramon!) know that Bia was my first ever model when I started photography back in high school. It was rather strange to be on the other side of the camera this time.

Wait for 0:36-38 to see how incredibly dorky I can get. Can’t help but inject some sort of silly factor when it comes to serious, grown-up shoots like this one. I can’t even pretend to be sexy to save my life, so why bother trying so hard?

Tricia Gosingtian Esquire Philippines

Tricia Gosingtian Esquire Philippines

“Despite the obvious beauty, talent and intelligence, Tricia is more than the sum of her parts. And her success is proof of that. She’s managed to build up a loyal fan base that reached numbers other bloggers only dream about. Of course, her success didn’t come without its share of drama, but the aftermath only proved what was there all along: Tricia Gosingtian is stronger than you think.” – Esquire Philippines