What’s In Your Bag? Exhibit

Was at last night’s What’s In Your Bag? exhibit opening (albeit briefly because it was so hot and humid) at Greenbelt 5. Thanks to Rev Naval and Dan Matutina for the quirky photo and the graphic design!

Bumped into so many friends that night, but I had my hands full with my bag, some magazines (thanks Ramon!), an artbook (Thanks Jason!) and shoes (Thanks Jan!) that I wasn’t able to take out my camera and take photos of everyone. Fortunately, my cousin Mark came to the rescue!

With Garovs, Mark, Rev, Ryan and RA. We were all like, “YAY TUMBLR PEOPLE!” And then we reminisced about Tumblarity and quickly concluded how evil it was.

No post is ever complete without Saab. <3

a) with Saab and Garovs b) yet another photo of me and Saab c) with Nyko d) with Jason and Saab

I always bump into Adrianne and his Longchamps, looking fabulous every time. Also, I don’t tell people to do asian poses with me. It just happens.

a) with Ramon and Jason – we spaz over Blade of the Immortal together b) with *the* Rev Naval, who took my photo for the exhibit! We must shoot again soon, yes?

With RA and Jason. Hello Pedicab. Reggie, you were sorely missed!

And then Mark, RA, the two Jasons and I posed as a fake band since all the guys were wearing black shirts and I was the only one in white.


a) with Nico, Team Manila’s marketing manager b) Flash bang! With Daniel the Red Mango photographer who is always everywhere.

a) with Jowee, one of the founders of Team Manila b) with Brendan who always takes photos of me but this is the first time that we have a photo together (yay)

Hello Raymond!

Obligatory wide-angle photo with Jun. We share the same birthday. /random trivia

Check the exhibit out while it’s still up!