8 Things To Do and See In Busan

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! Here’s a little something about Busan that might spark your interest since there are various holiday flight promos going on at the moment.

Last December, I got to fly MNL-PUS via PAL for the first time! Hopefully, it won’t be the last, because 1 day is definitely not enough to cover everything. I used to only know Busan as the 2nd largest city in South Korea, and home to a few K-pop idols I know (BTS Jimin and Jungkook, WINNER’s Seungyoon and Seunghoon), but there’s so much going on that I might stay for 3 days next time.

Thanks to KTO Manila for organizing this trip, and Jackie unnie for being a great tour guide! With their blessing, here’s a list of things you can see and do in Busan:


1) Take pictures at Gamcheon Culture Village

Nicknamed the “Macchu Picchu of Busan”, Gamcheon Culture Village is a former slum turned pastel paradise found on the foothills of a coastal mountain. In 2009, this dilapidated neighborhood underwent a makeover when artists and students quirky painted murals and artworks on every blank canvas they could find. Now, each steep staircase and narrow alleyway holds a surprise for those who dare go through all the winding paths.

SBS’ Running Man filmed here featuring Choi Jiwoo around 2012.


2) Shop ’til you drop at Gukje Market

One of Korea’s largest markets! Gukje Market consists of smaller markets that specialize in everything you can think of. Since we were only given a short time to explore, I immediately went for the make-up and fashion stores. Totally comparable to Myeongdong, without the hordes of tourists. I found some of my favorite clothing brands here too (Around 101, Indibrand). A better shopping experience if Seoul’s Myeongdong triggers your claustrophobia.


3) Eat lunch at Yega Bossam

Bossam is a kind of pork dish in Korean cuisine. Together with side dishes like kimchi and sliced garlic, belly pork is wrapped in lettuce, perilla leaves, or cabbage.


4) Enjoy Centum City while having Momos Coffee

I thought it would be too late to see any autumn foliage, but I forgot Busan is located in the southernmost part of South Korea. There were still maple leaves outside Shinsegae Centum City, so naturally, instead of shopping, Crissey and I went out for some fresh air. How tita of us!

Before stepping out of the mall, we managed to take away coffee from Momos Coffee, one of Busan’s famous specialty cafes.


5) Experience a Korean Jjimjilbang at Shinsegae Spa Land

One of the highlights of this short Busan trip – experiencing a real jjimjilbang! We couldn’t take our cameras inside (all the naked bodies!), but I managed to take some group photos at the outdoor foot bath area with my phone. Next time I’ll go and relax here for 4 hours (maximum duration of stay).


6) Enjoy fresh seafood at Hwangje Jamsooham

You shouldn’t miss the seafood in Busan! Since it’s South Korea’s busiest port town, everything is guaranteed fresh and high quality.


7) Take a romantic walk around The Bay 101

Negative degree weather didn’t stop us from talking a stroll along Busan’s upscale Haeundae area. The hotels and apartments in this area are apparently among the most expensive in Busan.


8) Go to Busan Station and take the KTX

No zombies here, probably because we took the train FROM Busan (to Seoul). The trip only takes 2 1/2 hours so some tourists just go for quick day trips from Seoul.


Stay tuned for my next post on Seoul!

This post was sponsored by KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) Manila and Philippine Airlines.