Waters: The Secret to my Well-Being

Hi everyone! Just checking in to let you guys know I’m still alive!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been a little more active on Instagram than usual, with almost-daily IG Live sessions. Besides the usual “What’s on your lips?” and “What blush are you wearing?” kind of questions, the thing that people always ask from me is…

“How to achieve your skin?”

I don’t think I have the most perfect skin, but I’ve had about 10 or so consecutive IG Lives wherein people wouldn’t let me go unless I shared my skincare secrets!

As a practical person who tries to live as minimally and naturally as possible, the most I do to take care of my skin is not messing with it, and just being more conscious about what I ingest. I don’t touch my skin randomly if I can, and if I do get blemishes, I just wait it out instead out of bombarding my face with so many products. Putting so much can actually backfire and make things worse!

And the cheapest, most underrated thing that I do to take care of my skin is drinking a lot of water. I don’t count how many glasses I drink, but I probably finish about 2 liters a day? That’s about half a gallon of water! My metabolism thanks me everyday, lol. Maybe this is also the secret why I also never seem to easily gain weight even if I don’t diet or exercise (for now, while I’m young, lol).

I swear that a copious amount of water goes a long way. You are what you eat, or in this case, drink. I always believed that what I ingest will reflect in my well-being and appearance, so I’m usually pretty careful with these things. In an ideal world, everyone would want to be in tip-top shape with the least amount of effort needed. And owning a Waters Bio Mineral Pot is a great first step at achieving that.

One of the things that I’m glad I carried over to married life is the presence of a Waters Bio Mineral Pot. My family has always had one in our house ever since, and I’d always be obsessed with drinking because it made our water taste so good. I often joke about growing up in a Waters household turning me into some sort of a water connoisseur. I’m super sensitive when it comes to bad tasting water!

On our first month of marriage, Rg and I initially had a hard time adjusting and buying liters of bottled water at the supermarket, because we’re both used to having a water purifier at our parents’ homes (Rg’s family coincidentally owns a Waters unit too, from years before we first met!). We ended up spending a lot for something we knew very well knew could be more cost-efficient. (As much as I can, I also try to minimize buying plastic because you’ll never know where your trash is going. I still cry every time I see the plastic straw turtle video!)

Apparently, an average household spends P200 a week on drinking water. P800 a month, or P10000 a year. That’s… a little crazy. And don’t get me started on water refilling stations – nobody has time for that! Getting married and living without a helper totally opened my eyes when it comes to the reality of life, lol.

And besides, I’d be doing my body a disservice by drinking boiled, distilled, or reverse osmosis water because I suffer from GERD and the last thing I want to put in my body is acidic water. Our blood is alkaline 7.35 pH and Waters makes the water 7.3-8.5 pH.

The best solution we could think of was to get a water purifier of our own.

The Waters BMP 1000 Noah+ filters have a life of 16,400 liters before needing to be replaced. Which means that at 10 liters a day, one filter can last you 1640 days or 4.5 years. But since our home is relatively small and it’s just me and Rg drinking about 4 liters a day, it’ll last even longer.

How does it work? We basically just get water from our kitchen faucet and put it on the water purifier. I always get super anxious when I know there’s no drinking water in sight, so this definitely puts my mind at ease!

Even our house plants are watered with Waters mineral water. We cook with mineral water and I feel like it makes a difference in the taste of the food that we eat. Knowing how our bodies are composed of 70% water and how we’re able to function makes us hardcore believers of good ‘ol H20!

Here’s a little technical/scientific something to give you an idea behind Waters’ state-of-the-art technology.

I firmly believe that putting your water through such a refined process to make it alkaline and mineral is infinitely better than just drinking tap, acidic, or plastic-tasting water from cheap plastic purifiers.

It’s also more sustainable in the long run versus buying plastic water bottles, so please consider getting a Waters BMP 1000 Noah+ for your own homes or for your families’ homes if you want to be healthier, and also friendlier to the environment. :)

For more information, please visit the Waters Main Office at #14 Ilang Ilang St., New Manila, Quezon City, or check out their website and Facebook. They deliver nationwide, and also has an office in Jakarta, Indonesia (website).