Vows of Elegance: Vania Romoff, Kristel Yulo, Maureen Disini


It’s slowly sinking in – I now have only 9 months left to plan my wedding, and I’m not even close to booking all the required wedding suppliers yet. This being said, count on me to pop up at the nearest wedding fair! I was looking forward to this particular one because I found that most hotel-organized wedding fairs already have a curated roster of suppliers versus the ones organized at big tents and convention venues. Best part? They usually organize fashion shows featuring the country’s top designers. I couldn’t catch Michael Leyva’s show at Makati Shang’s Vows of Elegance wedding fair, but I did get to witness some of the most amazing gowns by Vania Romoff, Kristel Yulo, and Maureen Disini. The most I can do as a blogger-bride is to share some of the wedding-related activities that I do. I made sure to take photos for my fellow brides-t0-be who might find these posts relevant. :)


Vania Romoff – my favorite! I feel like I can relate to her style the most. I’m absolutely smitten by the Sabrina neckline dress and the two deep V dresses.


Kristel Yulo. She did my cousin’s wedding gown a few years ago! I like the off shoulder gown with the little ribbon ties, and the one with the illusion neckline.


Maureen Disini. I can totally see myself wearing that last dress, though I probably don’t have the height to pull it off as well as the model. Petite girl problems! Sometimes I wish there’d be at least one bridal show where the models are all shorter than 5’4″ so it’s easier for us normal people to visualize how we’d look like in the dresses, huhu!

Congrats on the successful show, Vania, Kristel, and Maureen! <3

(Makati Shangri-la was actually one of my top choices for reception venues but silly me decided on a peak season wedding date. As expected, they were already almost fully-booked by the time Rg and I inquired, and being waitlisted just made me unhealthily anxious. Good testimonials everywhere for Makati Shang, but I guess it wasn’t meant for us. One of the things I learned about wedding planning is that I can’t always get what I want, but more often than not, the second or third options can actually turn out better than the first! Rg and I eventually got to book a relatively new reception venue that’s closer to our church, and the interiors match my simple, minimalist, modern aesthetic so much that if I designed a hotel, it’d probably look just like it! It’s a little creepy how things fall into place, but it’s at the same time pretty amazing!)