#TRESemmeRunwayReady Backstage Fashion Show: Victor Ortega x Rhett Eala

The TRESemme Runway Ready Backstage Fashion Show happened last May 6 at the Sofitel Harbour Tent, and I’m glad I was there to witness every single bit of it. So sad I wasn’t able to go to the first show last year, but I made it a point to go to the one this year since I heard it was going to be twice as big. Thanks to TRESemme, I got to sit front row as one of their official online ambassadors (called TRESetters), and take photos from a really good angle!

Top hair professionals and celebrated fashion designers showcased the latest trends in beauty and fashion, inspired by TRESemme’s latest Split Repair collection. Did you know that it’s all about long, salon gorgeous hair this year? I’m coincidentally on trend as it’s been a long time since I got over the long bob look.

The show opened with Rhett Eala’s collection, with models donning Victor Ortega’s interpretation of this year’s “braids and twists” trend. Apparently, the brush strokes on the hand-painted dresses were created using brushes made of human hair! Paired with unique and creative hairstyles, this collection proved to be a work of art.