Valentines Pink

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m currently on a date with my 3DS. Oh, wait – I almost forgot I actually need to get ready for a double dinner date tonight with my brother and his girlfriend. I haven’t had a fancy dinner in a long time, so I’m really looking forward to tonight. My stomach is ready.

Shot an outfit with my 3DS because I’ve really been bringing it along with me everywhere! Apparently, there’s such a thing as Valentine’s rush? Thanks to the insane traffic (took me and my boyfriend 2 hours from Makati to the Fort last night), I finally reached Inaba Pride Exhibit 3 on Persona Q… and to think I haven’t been playing the game that long. Or maybe I have? I’m about 40-45 hours in!

Blackfive sweater / The SM Store SM Makati Parisian heels