Why I Swear By Uniqlo Heattech

It’s all scientific, apparently. Like most people, the start of my relationship with Uniqlo Heattech started with testimonials. My friends from Japan swore by these super thin innerwear items that supposedly keep you warm during winter. To be honest, I was skeptical about it until I personally got to try it out.

When I finally did, I finally understood what they were saying. This stuff is magic. This is the reason why you can find so many Japanese girls wearingly seemingly thin clothes in the dead of fall/winter. Besides heat packs (the warm ones that you can stick to your body), Uniqlo Heattech can give you the warmth that you need without going the bulky route. No to that Michelin look!

Interestingly, the creation of Heattech evolved from Uniqlo’s signature bulky fleece jackets (which are still popular to this day). At one point in time, everyone in Japan was wearing them (in different colors and lengths). As with all trends, people became tired of seeing everyone else wear the same thing. Considering how the Japanese treasure individuality above all, Uniqlo came up with heat-retaining innerwear that is basically invisible to the eye. They had to come up with something timeless that everyone can use everyday. Something that can transcend age, gender, etc. They offer “life wear” after all.


Here are some emails from my readers circa 2013 and 2014. I’ve been asked countless times how I manage to pack light during winter, and I always mention Uniqlo Heattech. Gone are the days when I freeze to death despite wearing 4-5 layers of thick clothes. Nowadays, I just layer Heattech or wear…


The new Extra Warm Heattech. I just got back from 2°C-10°C Germany (Cologne and Munich) and Austria (Salzburg), and these worked perfectly. It’s thin enough to pack inside my bag if it gets warm in the middle of the day, but effective enough to keep me warm when the temperature drops.


What I do with Uniqlo Heattech: Layer the top under my blouse + sweater + coat, and layer the bottoms under my skirt (like leggings) or under loose pants. Traveling in fall/winter became so much easier when I discovered Heattech.

Last October, I got an invitation from Uniqlo Philippines to go to Japan and experience a Heattech seminar. I don’t know if they found all my DISQUS comments about my love for Heattech, but I gladly accepted the invite because JAPAN (duh <3). And Heattech.

I went with David, and it was super fun because it was his first time in Japan. We only had one day to roam around on our own (thus the Kamakura and Yokohama posts), but we couldn’t be happier to be part of an international group of press people who flew in from different countries to see the science behind Uniqlo’s best-selling Heattech. On our first day, we had a seminar at the Uniqlo office in Roppongi. Will save that day for another post. In the meantime, let’s get down to business – TORAY. Uniqlo partnered with TORAY, the leading Japanese chemical engineering firm, to develop a special kind of textile for Heattech.

First, we went to their showroom or Innovation Plaza.

In their Seta plant, we were shown the different products of Toray Industries, Inc. Long story short, they are a very important company that create materials for things that we use everyday. They also provide the carbon fiber for the Boeing 787.

They are a R&D-based company, so naturally there has to be customer insights and actual scientific experiments to back up their textile, chemical, and IT-related products. They have a strict criteria that they follow, and Japan being Japan, there’s an industrial standard that needs to be upheld!

Below are some snippets from our scientific immersion.


If this doesn’t convince you to wear Uniqlo Heattech, I don’t know what will! It was such an honor to see all the work and research done to create such an innovative product. If you’re traveling in the next few months, make sure you stock up on Heattech! You’re welcome!

Functional HEATTECH innerwear is all you need to stay warm. The moisture-wicking fabric retains heat and also features anti-odor properties to keep you feeling fresh even when you sweat. Camellia oil moisturizer adds comfort for dry skin.

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