UNIQLO and Lemaire Rayon Belted Dress


One month after the UNIQLO and Lemaire launch, and I’m still caught bringing home a piece or two from the collaboration. They didn’t sell particular items from the collection on the racks until recently, so I’m glad they finally decided to bring all of them to Manila.

A few weeks ago, I searched for this rayon belted dress at the UNIQLO Flagship at Ginza, only to be told that it was one of the first items that sold out in Japan. Boo.

After coming home from the US, I paid a visit to the UNIQLO store in Megamall to stock up on some Extra Warm Heattech for my upcoming NYC (work) + Germany-Austria (yay vacation) trips this December.

And there it was.

My top pick from the collection.

I was so happy, I almost cried. Originally wanted it in red, but ended up buying the khaki version. Perfect for that mature, otona look that I’m currently obsessed with. Fall neutrals are definitely in!

Should I still get the red version?


UNIQLO and LEMAIRE have come together to offer timeless elegance to everyday essentials that are made of the most carefully selected materials. The collection brings a sense of refined, yet friendly confidence to pieces that you can wear every day on any occasion. This is LifeWear elevated with style that fully respects the individual.

UNIQLO x Lemaire dress / Coach heels / Kate Spade wallet / Time Depot Sheen watch