Confessions Of A Hair Dye Addict


It was April 2006, exactly one month after my high school graduation. I went to a random salon near my house to have my hair dyed for the first time. Call me shallow, but getting to sport a different hair color was one of the reasons why I wanted graduation to come sooner. I was crazy about the Japanese gyaru subculture, and I constantly dreamed of having long, blonde, perfectly-styled hair to match my colored contact lenses and frilly bow outfits. I still had to go to college though, so I decided to stick to a safe brown color (circa deviantART days) that was easy to maintain. After all, the nerdy student in me actually went to school to study, not to model the latest trends!

Almost a decade later, I’m still constantly dyeing my hair. Sometimes, I surprise even myself – I can’t believe my hair is still alive and healthy after all this time. And so I created a simple hair timeline starting from the first time I started Lookbook, all the way to present time. It’s convenient that I have all my hair transformations already documented online, even if some were rather cringe-worthy, hahaha

After 6 straight years of heat, curling, and coloring, my current hair is at it’s longest and healthiest. Well, it also helped that I went easy with monthly hair coloring starting 2015. Nowadays, I just have my roots retouched every 1 1/2-2 months (roots don’t bother me as much now), and change my whole hair color twice a year. The last time I changed my hair color was January of this year? I’m bound to change it soon, in time for my wedding! I’m seriously considering going a little bit darker again. What do you guys think?

hair timeline2

(It’s interesting to see how much I’ve improved with make-up, as well as my struggle to grow my bangs out! I also didn’t include the photos where I’m wearing wigs or extensions because they’re technically not my real hair. There were years when I literally changed my hair color every month, but for this timeline, I stuck to my quarterly picks.)

After compiling these photos, I found that I was most experimental late 2011 to mid 2014. My best hair was probably late 2012 to early 2013, when I had the ideal in-between blonde-brown hair color.

Bleaching opens you to a world of possibilities, though I admit my hair wasn’t at it’s best state when it was blonde. It was really fun though, especially since going blonde wasn’t as common back then as it is now. I felt like such a special snowflake. How annoying, hahaha.

I cut my hair and dyed it red right after I finished my #TriciaGosingtianStyleBook. Fun times! Some sort of subtle personal rebellion. Going red was twice the fun, but twice as tiring. You could tell from the timeline that I got tired of that high maintenance hair color easily, lol. I can’t anymore remember how many white towels I’ve ruined from all the red hair dye.

Around late 2014, I decided to finally prioritize the health of my hair. It took me long enough to realize that eventually, experimentation will be harder if I don’t take care of my hair as early as now. Once, I reached a point where dye wouldn’t stick to my hair anymore, because it was too dry and damaged. NEVER AGAIN. Waste of time, tears, and money, and it only made my hair more traumatized than it already was. It was also a huge hit to my ego, as I was so proud of my hair! I didn’t know there’d be a limit to how much styling I can do.


What I do to take care of my hair nowadays is to follow a strict hair care regimen, similar to how I take care of my skin. I use TRESemme’s Platinum Strength products to stand up to styling damage. They fortify and strengthen hair like no other, repairing up to TWO years of damage caused by everyday hairstyling such as heat styling and coloring.

The technology’s intensive moisturizers strengthen every hair strand to prevent breakage and further signs of aggression—from coloring that dries the strands and makes them brittle to blow-drying, ironing, and curling that use heat and damage the locks. It reinforces every strand’s natural protective layer, so you can get strong, salon-gorgeous hair every day.


  1. I wash my hair every morning with TRESemme Platinum Strength Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. While my hair is still damp, I used TRESemme’s Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave-in Treatment to reinforce the hair’s natural protective barrier. I leave it on my hair as it air-dries. I try to wake-up extra early so I don’t have to rush and blow-dry my hair in the morning.
  3. Every now and then, I use the TRESemme Platinum Strength Treatment Mask for deep conditioning, especially after photoshoots and after I have my hair dyed.

You can get all these products online at Lazada.

I can truly say that I can #StandUpToStylingDamage, thanks to TRESemme.

This is a sponsored post.