Tokyo March 2014 Part 3

Last day in Tokyo today, and my way of mourning is by posting about… well, Tokyo. I think I took way too many photos last March, but there’s really no amount that can justify the beauty and diversity of Tokyo. It’s such an interesting place that’s sure to tickle your fancy in one way or another.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, since I still have yet to prepare for my flight back to Manila, but these are just some of the photos I took on my last whole free day when everybody else went home already. Also included some photos that couldn’t fit in all my older Tokyo entries. Exploration time is the best!


View from one of the many exits of Shinjuku Station.


Recently, Shinjuku’s been growing on me. I’m starting to let go of Shibuya bit by bit because it’s getting a little bit to chaotic for me. Signs of aging, lol




Found sakura on top of Isetan Shinjuku. Was not surprised they had a whole garden on the roof deck.


Will I be able to see these again next year? I hope so!


Pink and white, and all sorts of cute.


Snapped on my way to my main destination that day.



ARTNIA, the Square Enix cafe. I wrote about it here. It took me a while to get here because I was unfamiliar with the place, but it shouldn’t take you more than 20-30 minutes from the station like me, haha


dazzlin shop staff at Shinjuku LUMINE EST. I love shopping here more than Shibuya 109 because the spaces are wider and not cramped, and you can more or less find the same brands anyway!



I met Mari Kotake-san, the sister of Asami Kotake-san of MURUA. Mari works with the brand RODEO CROWNS!

I met up with her because I forgot to give Momoko-san and Asami-san something, and she was kind enough to pass it along for me. Much thanks <3


Shinjuku just after sunset.


Spotted at Studio ALTA in Shinjuku! I waited for my college friend here, and it gave me so many nostalgic feels because Studio ALTA was actually one of the first shopping malls I was able to visit the first time I ever went to Tokyo.


Liz Lisa also surprisingly followed the vintage style trend all over Japan!


At a restaurant in Shinjuku called Brooklyn Parlor. I met up with my college friend Harvey who has been working for Uniqlo in Japan since we graduated.


Anything with egg <3


Tokyu Plaza in the middle of Harajuku. You can’t miss this place because of the unique design of the building! I usually go here for Baroque Japan Limited’s global flagship store The SHEL’TTER TOKYO.


Couple having fun at Harajuku.


The famous Prisila wigs!


Have a nice back?


As usual, Harajuku street style is the best. You’ll never know what to expect!


I walked back to Harajuku Station to rest early and pack my stuff, when I was lucky enough to witness a part of Harajuku Fashion Walk!

And then I realized that it was a Sunday. Lucky!


I used to just see this style in photos when I was in high school. Seeing it in the flesh was way too awesome!







I was taking photos, and the man on the left approached me, asking if I was able to take good ones. From there, we had a short conversation and I found out that he’s the guy behind! What a coincidence, right? The guy on the right is Junnyan, a Harajuku fashion icon and one of the founders of the Harajuku Fashion Walk.

I feel like my luck doubles every time I’m in Japan. Can I stay here?


Gingham is trendy, even in Harajuku fashion!



Mikako Tabe in Harajuku Station.


All things come to an end, eventually. Too bad I had to go back to Manila so soon! Even if I’ve already been to Tokyo so many times, I never run out of new places to go to.


Back at Shinagawa, I had a quick dinner with artist Shogo Sekine! He gave me this artwork and it was way too overwhelming, knowing how good and famous his illustrations have been in the fashion and lifestyle circle in Japan. He’s the guy responsible for some of the LINE stickers that we use on Instagram! Such a talented person!

I took over a thousand new photos in Tokyo this month, so this entry will definitely be not the end of my Japan series. Until next time!