Tokyo March 2015 Part 1 – Tokyo Sky Tree

Technically this is already Part 3 because of these two posts that I did earlier, but anyhow, I don’t think the order is important in this case. If you missed those posts, I was invited by NHK World to film for Kawaii International last March! I didn’t have a lot of free time, though I was happy they accompanied me to Tokyo Sky Tree one afternoon!

They booked me at a hotel in the heart of Shibuya. The hotel is called Hotel Unizo, and it’s conveniently located in front of Tokyu Hands. It’s a 10 minute walk to Shibuya Station. At first, I thought the walk would be bother me a little (I spoil myself for booking hotels inside stations and malls, lol so lazy) but I got to go through commercial areas like malls, restaurants, and boutiques while at it.



Can’t believe Pablo’s finally coming to Manila, like OMG you guys this stuff is GLORIOUS



Why waiting for the light to turn green never gets boring…



Early morning in Shibuya.



Obligatory tourist shots in the middle of the scramble crossing.

(And yes, it took me about 3 tries to get these photos right.)


Adorable family taking a photo with Sky Tree as the background. Look at that kid’s bag!


How we got to Tokyo Sky Tree from Shibuya Station – Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line (purple line) from Shibuya to Oshiage (Skytree). Quite a long trip, if you ask me! You can take a nap in the train while waiting.

If you’re going to Asakusa, you might as well go to Tokyo Sky Tree as well. Both are in the same-ish vicinity.



The staff uniforms at Sky Tree were designed by award-winning designer Akira Minagawa using high-quality, locally produced materials. The designs were inspired by the “fusion of futuristic design with the traditional beauty of Japan”.

Japan, keep on winning at life.


We skipped the intense queue thanks to a special pass for NHK, and also luckily got to choose the elevator we wanted to go into! (I could’ve visited Tokyo Sky Tree earlier if it weren’t for all the horror stories about queuing for 3-4 hours just to get to the top. Recently, they created a fast pass option for foreigners. You just have to show your passport, and pay something like an additional thousand yen to be able to skip the long lines.)

Part of the whole attraction of Tokyo Sky Tree are the 4 different elevators that bring you to the observatory deck. I don’t think people can normally choose the elevators they get into, so there are some people who repeatedly visit just so they can say they’ve seen all the 4 elevators, lol.

Chose the spring elevator, obviously.



Interestingly, I heard from our Tokyo Sky Tree guide that a huge percentage (like, 70-80%) of visitors come from neighbouring Asian countries, with Chinese and Korean tourists leading the pack.


Where my fellow Filipino tourists at? Anyhow, you know the drill! Get the fast pass option. No need to queue for hours. :D


The beautiful city of Tokyo.



A view of Sumida River.


You can go to a higher floor to get a better view of the city.



I went mid-afternoon and saw a giant shadow of Tokyo Sky Tree looming over the city.


As usual, there are some lovey-dovey activities to do here.




Thanks NHK for bringing me to Tokyo Sky Tree!


Got on the summer elevator on our way down. This design was inspired by summer hanabi/fireworks.

Not sure if you can see it properly, but the 634 refers to the height of Tokyo Sky Tree in meters. Felt so proud of myself when I pointed the 634 out to our guide and he was like, it’s the first time someone actually noticed it…


The directors of the show knew I was looking for early sakura, so they indulged me with a quick photo-op in this spot.


YASSS. Day made.


When I got back to Manila, I watched an episode of The Return of Superman where Sunghoon and Sarang were somewhat revealed to be living around this area. Such a quaint neighbourhood!



The tallest tower in the world, and some of the prettiest flowers in the world!


Still dreaming about experiencing hanami in Japan. Next year, hopefully!



Filmed a few more things here, before we decided to head back to Shibuya. We found a scarf tied to a bridge.

I wonder what was the story behind it.