Baby-G: Sporty Street Silver

Time Depot Casio Baby-G watch / Mart of China top / Choies jacket / Ellysage skirt / Naughty Monkey shoes

My love for sneakers and sporty/street-meets-chic style is growing at epic proportions. If I didn’t have to challenge myself to wear new things everyday, my daily uniform would probably revolve around snapbacks and sneaker wedges paired with girly elements like lace and a-line skirts.

Snapback caps, however, aren’t the only things that automatically give an outfit a street/sporty vibe. I recently discovered how big, bulky watches can also add to the effect.

And coincidentally, my new Baby-G matches the exact metallic quality of my sneaker wedges. Pairing shoes and bags is an easy way to make an outfit cohesive, but pairing shoes with timepieces also creates interesting results.

Obligatory “must sell this watch” pose, lol. My denim jacket also has silver studs. Match your metals!

Have not adjusted the time and date yet when I took this. After taking this photo, I spent the next minute laughing my ass off since the watch reminded me so much of the Google Authenticator “G” logo. G is for Google. Baby-G. Just G. Tricia G. So many Gs in this world.

If anyone’s interested, this watch model is BA-110-8A and it’s available for P6995. More details here.

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