Time Depot: Old School Casio


Time Depot Casio vintage watch / Romwe top, jacket and boots / EMODA bag

I’ve modeled the gold Casio vintage series before, but I also actually own some of the iconic silver versions! To be honest, I haven’t been using them as often as my gold watches, but I’ve been taking a liking to this particular silver model lately.


Before the trend caught on, one of my male friends already owned a silver vintage Casio. It was a lightbulb moment as I reflected on how these watches got so popular all of a sudden. Not only can girls wear them, but guys can also sport them too! The silver ones are more unisex than the gold ones, which is exactly why they look extra good with boyish outfits like this one.


And I don’t know if it’s just me, but the silver ones look a bit more old school than the gold ones! The black/silver face is so nostalgic! Reminds me so much of the gadgets we had way back in the 90s. I could definitely see why so many people have this watch.


Anyhow, if you haven’t found a copy of my book yet, Time Depot is giving away 5 books to 5 lucky Instagram users! All you have to do is

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Good luck! Deadline is on November 11, 2013. More details here.



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