Baby G: Red Riot

Tricia Gosingtian Baby G Casio Time Depot

(Time Depot Baby G watch, Bayo shorts, Mexy top, jacket and stockings, MURUA iPhone case, DKNY boots) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

The world is ending. I’m wearing something totally out of character, and I am blogging on time now (not at like, 3 in the morning).

Well, I’ve always admired girls who can dress this way and get away with it so effortlessly (ehem my favorite redhead Tracy)! I mean, I seriously think that I’m bordering trying too hard to dress up like a stereotypical band geek and not wholeheartedly going for the complete Jane Lane from Daria look. With these bouncy, contrived curls? Really now? Who am I kidding?

Tricia Gosingtian Baby G Casio Time Depot

Staying truthful to my personal style, I did black and white with color accent again! This time is quite different from the usual since I almost never do bright red. The conservative person in me tends to lean towards wine red and burgundy more for their not being too conspicuous and attention-grabbing. I don’t even do intense highlighter neons and print-on-print-on-print-on-print (yeah, I really had to mention it 4 times) so anything that seems loud and bold…? Definitely out of my comfort zone. This kind of red, and tattoo stockings included.

So what made me want to dress up like this for a day? I should say I built an outfit around a watch, instead of adding the watch as a mere accessory. It’s the red watch design that Sunny from SNSD wore in the Tough, Cute, Cool Baby G campaign! Being a fan of SNSD, I knew I had to get my hands on these new watches somehow.

Tricia Gosingtian Baby G Casio Time Depot

This watch that I wore in the past turned out to be the same design that Yoona modeled. Coincidentally, without prior knowledge about who modeled which, I also got the white and silver Sica design. One of the reasons why Sica is my bias is because I personally love her style and her taste in fashion (dem airport outfits). I was so happy to find out that we have the same watch… *shallow* TT

Anyhow, this particular one that I’m wearing here is my first ever red watch! The red star was too adorable to resist. All my watches are white, for some reason, but this one inspires me to try other colors out.

Time for all us Filipino SONEs to rejoice! Thanks to Time Depot for bringing all the SNSD watches in. <3

Tricia Gosingtian Baby G Casio Time Depot

It’s all in the details. Red watch and red shorts, and matching card suit prints on my stockings and iPhone case. If you guys are wondering how I got my hands on MURUA all of a sudden, I had my boyfriend get it for me at The One mall when he had some free time in his recent Hong Kong trip. I originally wanted the Hello Kitty one but it was sold out! ;_;

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I have enough cases to last me a lifetime, but I have a soft spot for MURUA iPhone cases because they are très chic AND incredibly durable at the same time. Totally worth all your munnies!

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