Summer’s End

Here’s an old post from a time when it was still totally understandable to wear this kind of chill, laidback, summer-y outfit out without looking like I just rolled out of bed!

The outdoor photos here were actually an experiment to test out the Leica-powered Huawei P9 Camera RAW capabilities. I put them side by side with indoor, plain bg (and also RAW) photos that were taken with a full-frame Canon 5D MkII dSLR. Not bad, eh? The P9 fares pretty well in naturally-lit spaces, and it could definitely work as a substitute for big, bulky cameras. I always shoot in RAW (as in the image format) no matter what, and I’m impressed that the P9 has this kind of provision for people like me who want more control over post-processing. Because of this, I actually don’t treat it like a phone anymore, but as a digicam of sorts. Out of habit, I still find myself using my main phone for quick snaps though.

P.S. I wasn’t sponsored to create this side-by-side smartphone vs dSLR quality comparison post but I figured this might help people who can only choose one or the other. :)

Zara top / GU culottes / Annie & Lori flats / Kate Spade bag / Huawei P9 (sponsored)