Steve Madden + Promo!

I’m back from Japan, but in less than 10 days, I’ll be flying again. And this time, I’ll be in the US for 3 weeks, which is the longest “vacation” I’ll ever have in my life. I’m already excited about all the Instagram-ready pictures I have yet to take! Maybe you can bump into me at some tourist-y place or at some popular shopping destination if you happen to be in the same state!

Speaking of America, I visited the Steve Madden store at Shangri-la earlier to check out their newest collection. My first pair of Steve Madden shoes was given to me by my mom 9-10 years ago, as a gift from the US. Back then, sneakers were all the rage, but it was hard to find ones like 12-eye high tops. I got an olive green pair with a pink plaid pattern on the inside that you could show off if you folded the sneakers outwards. My first Steve Madden experience was wonderful because I didn’t know anyone in my circle who owned the exact same pair, and because those sneakers lasted me a good 8 years before they decided to die on me.

I couldn’t contain all my feels when I found out they opened in Manila. I often pass by their store in Eastwood simply because I live quite near, but I enjoy shopping at the Shang branch better because the store is so big!


The space makes you want to set up a tent in the middle of the store, and spend a whole night enjoying the silent sound of shoes (what). The things I think of for the love of footwear.


Major shoe lust. I already have a similar pair, but these ones are dying to be in my shoe rack. I can already see the styling possibilities…


Black and gold is always a classy combination.


Steve Madden’s best sellers, which I knew were best sellers even before I asked the salesladies. Heels higher than 3-4 inches may seem intimidating at first, but I swear these babies make walking in style seem so much easier. The thick platform in front makes up for the dangerous heel height, making this style perfect for those who want a major height boost without skimping on comfort.


Studded nude satchel to go with your nude platform pumps.


No-platform heels are totally back! I’ve been warming up to this style recently, with my style maturing and all. Makes your feet look instantly sexy! I can already see that patterned t-strap pair with a black pencil skirt and a cream pullover.


Golden heels for the golden girl.


Flats with a simple twist!


Love these ones so much! I also tried them on and the platforms really make walking in heels so easy.


With all the gold details in the lastest collection, why not pair it with gold studded backpacks as well?


Glitters for the holidays.


Remnants of spring. These would look good with denim!


Not your ordinary sneaker wedges.


Mint and peach wedges. Yummy!




Gold and studs everywhere.


Bling it on.


Perfect everyday work shoes! The black ones with gold studs, omg


The studs reminds me of fish eyes. Now you cannot unsee.


Statement flats that you can blind you from a mile away.


Rocker studs.


More bling shoes for all the parties you have to attend this Christmas season.


Studs and spikes.


Close-up. I can’t imagine how much effort was put into making this shoe.


All I can see in this picture are eyebrows.


Tried some shoes out, and found this cool pair of wedge boots!


90s feels! Brings me back to my Spice Girls childhood.


Trying out their best-selling black pumps! I walked around the store in them and did not feel any discomfort! Thinking if I should get the nude-colored ones…


Last but not the least of my favorites. <3 It also comes in brown!


Blue-gray and brown chunky sneaker wedges.


Spikes on jelly sandals.


Dark florals for F/W, light florals for S/S. I can’t choose which I like better.


Hope you had fun “window shopping” at Steve Madden as much as I did! The salesladies were also very commendable because they gave me so much useful information about Steve Madden shoes. They offer half-sizes for most of their styles, which is perfect for those girls with feet that are not-quite one size, not-quite another. They are also holding a promo right now!

Here are the mechanics:

1. Print out banner ad found on my blog sidebar.

2. Get 20% off when you present this print out in any Steve Madden store.

3. Promo duration is from October 15 – November 15, 2013.

4. Additional:


a. Get a limited edition Steve Madden USB if you post about your purchase at Steve Madden with 20% discount.

b. Post it on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter with the hashtag #SteveMaddenPH

c. The Steve Madden team will pick the Top 20 posts and award winners with the USB.

d. Winners may claim their USBs at the stores, they will advise the team where they prefer to pick-up their prize.

“A true “it” girl goes about town in head-turning style. Going from appointments to a night out, Miss Madden always has a hint of fabulous in what she wears.”

Have fun shopping!

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