Status Salon: Freshen Up

After a busy month, I finally found time to visit the salon for a root touch up, hair treatment, and… a long overdue haircut! I was so happy I forgot to take photos of my hairstylist cutting my hair, but it was pretty much just a 1 ½ inch trim with no layers. I look human again!

Damp hair before my haircut. The ends were so bad and damaged that it’s been taking me a lot longer to style my hair every morning. I haven’t had a haircut in forever so I think the ends were still the same ones from when I had red hair. And you all know how many times I’ve dyed my hair since then. Yikes.

Now that the damaged ends were gone, it was time to dye my roots.

And get a treatment (that came with a free head massage – yay)!

Blowdrying time!

They always blowdry my hair straight so I asked for a change!

The final look! Still the same hair color since December/January, but with fresh roots and a fresh cut.

Summer ready retro hair!

Look for Jimmy of Status Salon Tomas Morato if you want to the same cut and color!

Status Salon is open for franchising nationwide! The P500k package for 20 sqm includes construction, hiring/training of staff, operations manual, and a week’s worth of products.

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