Status Salon: Retouching Roots

I’m still quite fond of my current hair color, so I decided to just touch up the roots instead of dyeing my whole head again. And besides, all I got from dyeing my whole head for consecutive months (circa red hair days) were insanely damaged ends. Good thing that’s done and over with! My hair goal for 2015 is to have long, healthy hair!

A month’s worth of regrowth! Eek.

Dyeing time! Still the same color as my previous post.

Drying time! That’s my hairstylist Jimmy on the right. Definitely one of the best ash brown/blonde experts in town!

Nothing beats freshly-dyed roots! My hair color ended up looking new again even if I just had the regrowth dyed. Much love to the Status Salon Tomas Morato team for always taking good care of my hair.

Anyhow, if anyone’s interested, Status Salon is open for franchising! They have a 500k franchise that includes construction and initial products. You can email if you’re interested in opening your own salon!

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