Waterfall Braids at Status Salon

Trips to the salon need not always be long and complicated. I dropped by Status Salon yesterday to have my hair styled, and it only took me a total of 30 minutes. 

It was my first time to try waterfall braids! I showed them a photo for reference, and apparently, they’ve already done all sorts of braided hairstyles on their clients. Because of this, I’m motivated to finally grow my hair out again so I can try different styles. They also knew how to do ladder braids on those who have hair long enough for it, lol. Can you feel my frustration?!

Anyhow, here are photos of the whole process. I just got out of the shower so I skipped the shampoo/blowdry part.

Ta-dah! Instant princess hair!

This part was optional, but I wanted the ends curled for a full princess effect.

The final product. I loved it so much!

I can’t do Katniss or Elsa hair for now because of my hair length, but I’m glad there are braid alternatives that can also look great on medium hair.

Thanks to the Status Salon Eastwood team for the wonderful time!

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