Status Salon: Cool Ash

I managed to squeeze in a short trip to the salon before the holidays started! My roots were starting to show, and the previous ash blonde color I had was starting to fade. I wanted my hair to be perfect and fuss-free during my Japan trip, because lol, that is the last place you’ll ever want to be caught with bad hair.

So I had a cool ash color applied again to remove the brassiness.

Waiting, waiting~

After washing the dye out and drying my hair, it was time for a keratin treatment. I can’t remember the last time I had time to get a keratin treatment, so FINALLYYY

They let the keratin settle on my hair for 15 minutes before drying my hair again and straightening it with an iron.

Drying time.

Straightening my hair to make the most out of the treatment. A lot of people don’t wash their hair for 3 days after a keratin treatment, but it doesn’t really damage your hair if you shampoo immediately after. I can’t stand not shampoo-ing for a long time, lol, 24 hours is my limit.

Frizz-free cool ash hair, thanks to Status Salon!

Yay! No to ugly roots and brassy orange hair!

Since I’ve been documenting my trips to the salon for the past year, it’s amusing to see how much my hair has grown! I’m due for a trim (the ends of my hair are quite damaged tbh) next month, but I’m still determined to have silky mermaid hair this 2015.

With my uber fierce hairstylist Jimmy from Status Salon Tomas Morato! Ash is always such a difficult color to achieve, but you know you’re in good hands when your hairstylist’s hair color is also *your* hair goal.

Anyhow, if anyone’s interested, Status Salon is open for franchising! They have a 500k franchise that includes construction and initial products. You can email if you’re interested in opening your own salon!

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