Spring In My Step

The older I get, the more I gravitate towards flat footwear (Wearing these Caminos is like walking on clouds!), long hemlines, and loose silhouettes (I’ll always be that anti-bodycon blogger, lol). I like outfits that I can actually move in and wear the whole day, and I look up to the Japanese for making comfortable everyday dressing always seem so natural and effortless.

My style has definitely graduated from the cutesy Popteen kind of kawaii that I started out with, but I guess you can never take out the kawaii in someone that has religiously followed it as a lifestyle for so many years.

The challenge now is how to make people look at kawaii as something more than just cutesy Sanrio characters and Barbie-bright hues! It’s hard to illustrate it without having to show examples, so here’s my attempt at showing what kawaii could also look like.

Muted pastels are always otona kawaii and sophisti-cute!


Uniqlo top and skirt / Harlan + Holden Camino slip-ons / Radley bag