SM Makati: Sundazed

Sun-dazed with my retro style SM Accessories sunglasses! I used to actually really hate wearing these – I mean, all that effort with my eye make-up, lashes, and colored contacts, only to cover them?

My turning point was when I went to the Florida last summer with my family. The sun was so strong at Disneyworld and Universal Studios that I felt like I was going to develop permanent forehead wrinkles from all the constant squinting. Finally, after living a quarter of a century, I started to get the purpose of sunglasses! Not only are they a fashion statement (think Anna Wintour), but they also work wonders during those days when you don’t feel like doing your eye make-up. As I grow older, these kinds of days are becoming more frequent.

Thank you for the quick, spectacle-r fix. I see your point now. I’ll just leave this here, lol.

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