SM Makati: Wearable Lip Art Tutorial

Better late than never! Last July 29, the world celebrated International Lipstick Day, and SM Makati Beauty Section (the best and biggest in the country!) went along with it by offering month-long exclusive deals for us lipstick lovers.


I’ve done a lot of tutorials and FOTD posts in the past, and I noticed that my readers often ask two things – what I use for my eyebrows, and what my lipstick color is. I think it just shows how strong our brow and lip makeup game is here in the Philippines! Changing your lip color can completely change a whole look, so it’s perfectly understandable why we are so obsessed.

In honor of International Lipstick Day, I created a tutorial inspired by SM Beauty’s current Lip Art campaign. It’s fun to illustrate/paint on lips and do creative things like caviar lips, but sometimes, occasions and daily routines call for something more wearable. This shouldn’t stop us from combining two different lipstick colors though.

Below are 3 different looks using affordable items that can be found in SM Makati’s Beauty Section. I’m wearing the same eye make-up for all 3 looks to illustrate how easily you can transform with just lipstick.


First things first – prepping! Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Lip Balm SPF 30 Icy Mint does the perfect job in rescuing dry, chapped lips.



Tools of the trade: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Shameless and NYX Round Case Lipstick Lip Cream in 555 Bruised

Too-dark lipstick can sometimes be too much for daytime, so I like mixing dark burgundy with medium magenta together. It creates a 3D effect that’s sure to make your lips plumper and fuller.

In this case, I deliberately chose a warm color and a cool color to mix together. Both have purple in them so they’ll blend more seamlessly.


Outline your lips with the darker color, fill it in with the lighter color, and press your lips together to blend and create a natural ombre effect.


You can keep it looking shiny, thick, and pigmented, or you can do what I do – make it instantly matte by carefully and lightly blotting it with tissue paper.



Tools of the trade: CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick in Candy Apple 292 and CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Spellbound 325

A few seasons ago, a runway look featuring models wearing two different lip colors for the upper and lower lips went viral among beauty enthusiasts. The most popular combination was orange and pink, but I decided to do my own spin on it with a warm-undertone red and a cool-undertone pink.


Apply as you would normally apply lipstick. If you keep pressing your lips together, it’ll turn into a gradient… which isn’t a bad thing at all!


Ta-dah! Fun and wearable lip art!



Tools of the trade: Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick in 150 Bare and TonyMoly Kiss Lover Style Lip Stick in RD06 Burgundy Wine

This is my favorite! I’ve always been a huge fan of Korean beauty trends, though it definitely took me a while to figure out why I always end up with thin lips and a sickly look even after properly following tutorials online.

My secret is to chose a nude/beige that fits your skin tone. Koreans have generally pale skin tones, so they can really get away with putting concealer on their lips, and just adding lip tint on the middle area of their lips.

However, we all have different skin tones, so what may work for them may not exactly work just as well with us. This being said, you don’t have to choose a super light concealer-like base to achieve the Korean gradient effect.


Pucker up and just lightly dab the darker color on the middle of your lips. Press your lips together or pat with a finger to blend any harsh lines.


Channeling my inner Park Sora, lol. I tried.


Now it’s your turn! Win a special prize from @SMBeautyPH by creating the perfect lip art! Flaunt your Lipfie (lipstick selfie) on Instagram, tag @SMBeautyPH and use the hashtag #SMLipfie.

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