SM Makati x Aimee Song

Who doesn’t know Aimee Song? I doubt there are any fashion girls out there who don’t follow her on social media! I blame her for my avocado appreciation. <3

My Aimee Song story goes a looong way back. Cue cheesiness!

She was one of the first people I followed when I started fashion blogging in 2008. Her effortless, relatable style encouraged me to document my OOTDs regularly, and I looked up to her a lot for making fashion so much friendlier than how movies and magazines usually portray it to be. Back then, I was a university student at the cusp of finding her personal style, and Aimee made it all seem so easy (when it totally wasn’t, speaking from years of experience, lol).

I love how isn’t afraid to mix high street and fast fashion brands with her favorite designers, and how natural it was for her to come up with unique outfits that clearly showed her LA aesthetics and Korean roots. She always makes fashion look fun for everyone, and I’m so happy SM Makati got her to come to Manila to be an ambassador. What a perfect partnership, really! I worked with SM Makati for a year when they still were undergoing rebranding and renovation, and I know they’ve definitely got everything down pat, from classic pieces to the latest trends! I actually still use a lot of the items I got during that time, especially all the pairs of SM Parisian pointy pumps I’m always sporting in my photos.

It feels a bit weird when people tell me that they look up to me, because I’m really just like everyone else. I look up to other people too, like Aimee Song, and I can’t wrap my head around the thought that I just might have 0.00001% of her influence. I’m sure she was tired from all the activities she had to do while she was here, but she always had a smile on her face and a spring in her step.

Like a true fangirl, I professed my love as soon as I was introduced to her. She thanked me and even told me that she saw me in the audience because of the top I was wearing. AIMEE SONG APPROVED? I’ll keep this top forever now, thanks! She says she’s obsessed with anything off the shoulder and striped at the moment! Well, guess what. Me too. Can we be best friends now, lol

Here are some of the photos from the Style Up SM Makati event last July 1st:

The ever-so-stylish Joey Mead King hosted the event.

When she came out on stage wearing this cute black lace dress, I heard so many people saying “I NEED THAT!”. With some research, I found out that she was wearing SM Fashion Forum.

On stage were also her personal picks from the latest collection. You’re welcome!

I hope there are still stocks by the time I visit SM Makati!

Managed to sneak in a group photo backstage! Blogger power with Laureen, Patricia, and Camille!

I heard from the SM marketing team that so many girls popped up at SM Makati after this video was released. Everyone wanted to buy the exact same items that Aimee wore. Just goes to show how much influence she has on everyone – including me!

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