Sheridan Palawan Part 4 – Organic Farm

Probably my most favorite part of my trip to Puerto Princesa, besides the Underground River, was this trip to Sheridan’s organic farm. Most of the produce used in the resort’s South Sea Restaurant come from this farm, which explains why the food is always so fresh.

Organic farming refers to a labor-intensive process that requires farmers to nourish soil and plants without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers on crops. It’s a system that’s actually more sustainable for both farmers and consumers, and my dream is to be able to cut out all non-organic food in my diet one day. I’m not sure if or when I’ll ever reach that level of self-restraint though! Now that I’m older, I try to be conscious about the food that I eat everyday, but ahh, there are just some things that I’m not quite ready to quit yet, huhu.

The farm manager toured us around the farm for a few hours, let us feed some of the animals, and finally treated us to a healthy meal using the farm’s produce. We went to this hut on a hill, where we enjoyed a good 360 view of the farm. Spoiler alert: the farm is surrounded by 4 of Puerto Princesa’s famous mountains. <3