Sheridan Palawan Part 3

Tried to make the most out of the good weather (mornings were usually okay).

How I like spending my time at the beach – sleeping, chilling by the shore, relaxing, going to the spa, eating, eating, and eating. Best boodle award goes to Sheridan Resorts.

I went to Puerto Princesa at the start of the rainy season, so there were suddenly a lot of activities I couldn’t do outside the resort due to unforeseen weather changes. Thankfully, I had all I need to enjoy the trip within the confines of the resort. These photos were taken on different days, on different afternoons.

I couldn’t be happier with my first time making pizza! With much excitement, I immediately sent photos of the pizza I made to my fiance (who has excellent cooking skills, btw), and jokingly told him we can survive our married life now that I know how to make one dish. With assistance from the resort’s staff, lol.

The rain was so hard at one point that my parents and I just decided to spend our day at the spa, having full body massages and a mani-pedis done in time for our trip back to stressful Manila. We also couldn’t have dinner by the beach because of the weather, but they were still able to arrange a candle-lit set-up under a covered area so we could still enjoy our last night at Sheridan.