Sheridan Palawan Part 1

Green is in.

Because it’s been raining in Manila, let me share some of the photos from my semi-sunny sponsored trip to Sheridan Palawan 1½ months ago. This was pretty much the last stretch of summer I got in the Philippines, and I couldn’t be any happier to spend it with both of my parents! My mom was even kind enough to help me document the whole trip despite it doubling as her birthday weekend (though I made sure to take photos of her too, for our own keepsake!).

Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa is located 1 ½ hours away by land from the capital city of Puerto Princesa, where direct flights from major cities in the Philippines such as Manila, Cebu and Iloilo are available. The plane ride also takes a little more than an hour, so expect about 2-3 hours of travel time just to get to the resort. I’m not too good with land transportation (motion sickness is real!) so I just slept it off in an attempt to make it all seem better. My parents didn’t seem to mind the bumpy ride though! I swear I need to train myself to handle long car rides better…

But all in all, the service was quite pleasant and I didn’t expect that I’d enjoy this kind of place (I’m a city girl, after all!) as much as I did. I should definitely make a list of recommended outdoorsy places and beaches for non-partying introverts.