Seoul October 2014 Part 2 – Hongdae

I wish I spent more time here. I’ve never been to Hongdae before this trip, so I didn’t really have any expectations. Being able to finally visit made me re-think my last two visits to Korea. I’ve been missing out on a lot, apparently!



I didn’t know Hongdae was an abbreviation of Hongik Daehakgyo (Hongik University) until now. Hongik University (right part of the photo), which is the main landmark of this bustling area, is known to be one of the top fine arts universities in the country. This being said, Hongdae is one of Seoul’s most artsy places! A lot of students hangout around the commercial areas near the university, and pursue underground hobbies related to music and art.

Hongdae has a lot of cafes, art galleries, theaters, vintage shops, etc., and they all perfectly add to the place’s charming, indie feel. How wonderful it must be to be part of this community!


My mom and I got hungry after our Namsan Tower tour, so we decided to have grilled beef as our first, proper meal in Korea. Yum! The restaurants in Hongdae all look really good – too bad we didn’t have time to try all of them!


Saw a lot of people in the area wearing these super chic and tasteful university jackets!


We didn’t originally intend to go to Trick Eye Museum, but it was so near the place where we ate that it felt weird for us not to go. Didn’t feel like taking proper photos inside, but my mom kept some silly photos of us in her phone, lol. I think it’s better if you go with a larger group instead of just two people.



First look at Korean fall fashion! I used to go to Korea in spring where there were usually more florals and pastels.


Typical Korean fall look – red/brown/orange hair, white top, skinny pants, sneakers/slip-ons, and oversized jacket/coat.


Saw these hair colors everywhere! So many Koreans girls were wearing rich brown and red-orange hues, probably to match the autumn foliage.


Subtle black and gray couple look!



I saw this chain of cafes a couple of times while touring Seoul. They always have this beautiful open/al fresco design. Great way to enjoy the chilly fall weather.

I’m not jealous. I swear. ;_;


Saw this group of guys crossing the street, and for some reason they all had their hands in their pockets, and even walked the same way!


Found Jung Hyung-Don’s Doni Burger! Instantly recognized him from Weekly Idol. Wasn’t able to try any of their burgers, but I heard they have good stuff (albeit a little pricey).


American Apparel fits right into minimalist Korean style.


Get caught wearing the same thing! #DressNormal


So much red in this photo. I just had to.


University fashion! Korean girls make geek chic look so good.


Saw the building that houses Eatyourkimchi’s studio! I’d be so inspired to work if my workplace were right smack in the middle of Hongdae.




A typical sight – students and young professionals carrying their weapons of choice.


Lol at “my kid skateboards better than your honor student”


Cafe the Nora, one of Hongdae’s popular cafes. Wasn’t able to check it out inside, but based on photos on the Internet, IT IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Check it out if you want to experience kyeopta overload.


Couples everywhere. Just made me miss my boyfriend more! Hopefully we can visit Korea together in the future.


Sangsangmadang is an 11-story art building with a cinema, live hall, gallery, studio, etc. The first floor is love! There is an art square where students and designers sell their crafts and accessories. The second floor showcases works by contemporary artists, and the third floor has young designers’ work for sale.

My dream is really to have something like this in Manila! The energy in this place was all kinds of amazing. There is so much support for art and design in Korea, it’s no joke.



Iron Man, Nacho Libre, and Sherlock – cat versions


Just needs London to complete “Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York”~ *sings*


Artsy fartsy cases for your iPhone!


All the good things are just about everywhere in Seoul, huhu I want to go back so badly!


Commes des Garçons Play craze! I bought a shirt for myself when I went to Osaka a few weeks after this Seoul trip. There were about 3-4 other customers in the store when I went shopping and guess what – they were all Koreans!


Classic red, black and white. In love with the outfit on the right. I have no idea why I didn’t get it for myself, huu.


Belted chunky knits and oversized coats. That shade of navy is gorgeous.



Love the vibe of this area! Reminds me of Harajuku.


Boots available in classic black, brown, and white.


However, more often than not, everyone preferred sneakers/rubber shoes over leather boots.


This gave me an idea to get couple shoes for me and my boyfriend too! Just looking for the right occasion now, lol.


Tie a ribbon on your neck for an instant choker!


Disney x New Balance


Living the #cafelife



I am sooo in love with Hongdae! Why did I just discover it this year? Crossing fingers I get to visit Korea again next year, so I can make more of these posts!