Seoul October 2014 Part 1 – N Seoul Tower

Starting out my Seoul series with a post that only covers my first destination. As usual, someone took way too many photos. Whoops!

My mom and I planned this trip some time ago, so you can only imagine the long and immense anticipation that built up before our flight. We both have good memories of Korea (her especially, because she loves Korean fashion), but for some reason, we haven’t been able to come back and visit in 3 years. Coincidentally, I’ve been watching The Return of Superman episodes on YouTube, so I reaaally couldn’t wait to go to see Korea again.

Me being me, I dared myself to not depend on any tour guide or travel agency to make us an itinerary. Nothing beats the sense of adventure that comes with traveling at your own pace. There is also a certain joy in getting lost and immersing yourself completely in another country’s culture, and I think I got this courage from my mom… who just so happened to be with me the whole duration of this trip! I learned all my travel tips and tricks from her, so we’re always super efficient and productive when we’re together. No time wasted.

Through the years, I feel like I’ve become more intense than her though! Sometimes I forget to stop and rest/eat/sleep, lol.


Speaking of sleep, I don’t know if there are any non-red eye flights from Manila to Seoul, but the only good thing about waking up to a new country is starting your day out with a fresh cup of coffee.


Morning puffiness all over, lol. My mom and I always stay in Myeongdong so it’s convenient for food, shopping, and transportation. There are cafes everywhere in Myeongdong, and it’s nice to try different ones everyday.


We decided to take the hop on hop off city tour bus because our hotel room wasn’t ready yet. Who cares about fixing up after a red eye flight, lol hectic schedule, but this is where the efficient traveling part comes in!

Last year, my mom and I went straight from Manila -> LA -> Chicago to touring around the city right after a quick shower. WHAT IS REST? WHAT IS SLEEP? Kept telling ourselves that jetlag was only for the weak when we were secretly dying inside, lol mind over matter


JUNG SIS OMG <3 So delighted to see their LAPALETTE posters everywhere in the city.


When in Korea, go to N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower! Some locals climb all the way to the top as a form of exercise, but most tourists and non-fit people like me would rather take the shortcut cable car.

You might recognize this cable car if you’ve watched Boys Over Flowers and EXO Showtime before! This was where Luhan got really scared!



I recognized these potato twists from EXO Showtime too! Too bad I wasn’t able to to try them because the stall wasn’t open yet (boo, we were too early).


On the way up to the N Seoul Tower area, we managed to catch a short skit starring these guys in traditional costumes.


And the best part? There was a limited time event where people could try wearing hanbok for free! Almost all the female tourists in the area lined up for it, of course!

I knew it was a limited time event because when my mom and I went back to this exact place after a few hours, the dressing room/tent was completely gone!



The highest part of Seoul – N Seoul Tower!

Being able to see a place from above always makes me giddy. Whenever I make an itinerary, I always try to schedule a tower/tall building visit first. Makes me so pumped up to explore the whole city!


Students on a field trip. I love how they’ve all managed to show their personal styles even with their uniforms! Major outerwear + sneaker envy.


Obligatory Filipino-in-N-Seoul-Tower photo. Manila represent!



The past two times I went to Seoul, it was spring. Fall in Korea is a hundred times more beautiful, and I wish I could come back here every year.

I got a multiple-entry visa to Korea, so I’m crossing my fingers I can share more Korea travel diaries from now on!


The Return of Superman feels. Love seeing dads and daughters bonding. Reminds me of my own memories with my dad!


Halloween in the air. Or in the black pumpkin’s hair.




Love tiles and love locks! Koreans aren’t against PDA at all!

Hopefully, I can go back here with my boyfriend so we can write our own messages too. We have yet to travel together (he has such a hectic work schedule, huu) but I believe we can make it happen one day!


I remember telling my mom how I’ve noticed that it’s the Korean boys who usually have bangs/fringes, lol. I wonder if it’s a required haircut in school, or if it’s a trend? I know that it’s not just limited to age because even teenage boys and college guys are sporting it!


These birds photobombed my photo… haha #awesometiming


Kids helping each other climb the steep stairs. SO ADORABLE I CAN’T


The beautiful view on the way down the mountain. We didn’t climb all the way down though! We took the cable car again haha /lazy


My simple OOTD that also served as my airport outfit. Last week of October is a great time to travel if you’re afraid of single-digit Celsius weather. You can enjoy fall and still get away with wearing light layers. I call it perpetual-aircon weather. Since there’s no need to bring heavy knits and coats in your luggage, there’s more room for shopping, hohoho


Foggy view from the bus. I swear it looks much colder in the photo than in real life, haha.

After N Seoul Tower, mom and I decided to check out the Hongdae/Hongik University area. We’ve both never been there, but we always hear good things about it.


Hipster cafe on our way to our destination. Somehow, things were starting to look up. I was like, omg I’m not even there yet and I already love the feel of this area.


Will share the rest of my story in another post! I took a gazillion photos and went to a gazillion places, so expect a gazillion more travel posts in the next couple of weeks!