Seoul: Myeongdong Cathedral

I’ve never had a trip to Seoul that didn’t include a visit to the Myeongdong Cathedral. My mom and I always happen to be in town on a Sunday, and she’s the type who never misses Sunday masses. Apart from all the shopping goodness, Myeongdong Cathedral being very accessible is also part of the reason why we often stay in this area when we’re together.

I got some good detail shots, but I blame the red eye flight for the lack of photos of the facade. (What was I thinking? We’ll never know.)

The day had barely begun, and I was already exhausted. As soon as we got to the hotel at 7 in the morning, I only had about 15 minutes to change out of my airplane clothes and do a whole face of makeup. Crossed my fingers that my hair (which I particularly styled prior to the flight in anticipation of the schedule) could salvage my whole attempt at looking human even without any sleep.

I didn’t take photos inside out of respect (mass was going on), but like most cathedrals, the interiors are definitely worth checking out.

Before leaving, we offered a short prayer and a candle to bless our trip. <3

P.S. You might have already seen this place if you’ve watched You’re Beautiful!

Photos are from October 2016