Munich: Schloss Nymphenburg

Last minute OOTD before sunset!

Seeing Baroque architecture everywhere in Munich made me warm up to the city faster than expected. After checking out as many Baroque churches as I can, I saved the best for last – Schloss Nymphenburg is a Baroque palace that served as the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria of the House of Wittelsbach.

Certain garden pavilions weren’t open for viewing when I visited, but the main palace and museums proved to be worth the visit anyway. The park is absolutely massive, spanning about 200 or so hectares. Not much of a spectacular sight during winter because of all the leafless trees and gloomy skies, but I’m sure it looks much better during spring or summer.

The palace isn’t hard to access from central Munich. We just took an Uber to the palace’s drop off area. From there, we went straight to the entrance of the palace, where we bought tickets and some souvenirs. One of the scarves that I’m always wearing in my travels and outfit posts came from this souvenir shop!