San Francisco May 2014 Part 2

I was just in Tokyo about 2 days before this trip, so you’d think that going Japantown would only be redundant. But as expected, my family couldn’t go to San Francisco and not make it the first stop in our itinerary. The level of our love for Japan is off the roof, lol.

We simply took a bus to Japantown from our hotel in Union Square. I was leaning on my mom’s shoulder, about to doze off (the jetlag was starting to kick in), when one of my readers recognized me! It was quite surreal because a) I was pretty much half-asleep, and b) I never expect anyone to recognize me, let alone in a foreign country. (Hi Denise! If you’re reading this, thank you for the quick chat! <3)



This is one of the 5 Peace Pagodas in North America. The rest are in Canada, Mexico, Massachusetts and New York.

It was presented to San Francisco by the people of Osaka, way back when they established a “sister city” relationship in the 50s/60s.


There are some areas in Japantown that are definitely worth checking out, especially if you’ve never been to Japan! There’s a Kinokuniya Book Store where you can buy the latest Japanese magazines, artbooks, etc. Just outside the bookstore are places that sell CD/DVDs of Japanese movies and dramas.


Great place to find figurines as well!


Heaven for otakus.


Random (not sad) Keanu. I never got to watch 47 Ronin because of mixed (mostly bad) reviews, but I’ll probably get to it soon. Will watch for Shibasaki Ko and Kikuchi Rinko, and maybe Akanashi?


Purikura in the US – they exist! A lot of the machines are old and broken, and they’re all overpriced at $10 (It will only take you 400yen or $4 in Japan), but I guess they’re still better than nothing.


Sunny weather bird feeding.


Neko, inu, tsuru.


Sanko, for all your cooking supplies. Japantown is quite a small place, so it only took us about 2 hours to go around and check all the interesting places out.


We went back to the Union Square area again since everyone was starting to feel groggy from jet lag. Gotta save our energy for the city tour the next morning!



Westin Hotel along Powell St. on the left. First floor had Goyard and other luxury brands.


The glorious view from one of the restaurants in Macy’s along Geary St.


The Dewey Monument with the Goddess of Victory. It was named after Spanish-American war hero George Dewey. Sound familiar? I’m pretty sure we’ve all read about him in our history books back in high school. Back in the 19th century, his fleet won over the Spanish forces in Manila Bay.


When in America, stuff yourself with the most delicious burgers and fries.



Post St., with Designer Shoe Warehouse on the left. I never leave the US without any impulse shoe purchase, huhu. I’ll probably end up broke if I ever I get a chance to live in the US.

Since the shipping process is so easy over there, I’ll probably just lock myself in my room ala Shintaro in Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project and have all my food and toiletries shipped to me, lol.


Ellis St.


Someone please bring Urban Outfitters to Manila!


Because I matched the T-Mobile pink in the background. Hello to the iconic San Francisco cable car behind me. Didn’t get to ride one this time, but I remember trying it out during my first visit in San Francisco about 10 years ago.

Decided to wear a simple Korean-inspired outfit with pink color accent because SNSD! Tiffany and Jessica were both born in San Francisco. <3


Jack Skellington socks and Doc Martens. Tracy, I found your doppelganger.


I’m blue da ba dee da ba die~


Someone bring American Apparel to Manila please!


Japantown and Chinatown in one day! Someone obviously loves Asia too much.


The oldest Chinatown in North America is in San Francisco, and it also houses the biggest Chinese community outside Asia. Whoa!


My brother Juju and his pretty Herschel backpack with teal accents. Did I make a mistake when I didn’t include this in my first San Francisco post a.k.a. the ultimate hipster post?


Calel and Juju.


Obligatory cute couple photo.


Stay tuned for my next post!

In the meantime, I hope everyone’s having a good holiday! So many people flew out of the country today (including my boyfriend who, as of this writing, is on a plane to Kuala Lumpur), and I’m definitely green with envy! I’m itching to travel again, and my Osaka trip in September somehow seems so far away.