Salzburg: Schloss Hellbrunn

And we’re down to my last post from my Christmas trip last December 2015. I wrote 20 posts on Germany and 9 posts on Austria. 29 travel posts?! Someone clearly had too much fun taking photos and being all tourist-y.

Tricia Will Go Places is like 90% travel nowadays, lol. I’m excited to share the next batch of travel diaries because I’ll be back to writing about my one true love – Japan! I’ll be sharing my Osaka-Kyoto-Himeji and Fukuoka trips which might prove to be useful if you’re already planning your sakura getaways as early as now.

I saved the best part of Salzburg for last. Schloss Hellbrunn is a Baroque villa in the southern part of Salzburg. Again, I went at a perfect time because they transformed the whole courtyard into a giant Christmas market. The whole residence was meant to be for summer water games (Jeux d’Eau) but as you all know, I’m partial to cold weather and Christmas.