#RGandTriciaWillGoPlaces Turns 1

It’s our first wedding anniversary, and I figured it would be the perfect time to share these photos of us from a little bit after we got engaged. Our first ever trip abroad was way back in March 2016, in Japan’s Kansai region with my cousin and his then-girlfriend now-wife (They actually just got married a few weeks ago!). I wish we could go again this spring to see some sakura, but really, anywhere’s fine as long as we’re together.

Our first day in Osaka happened to be Shunbun no Hi, or the Japanese holiday celebrating the spring equinox. There are only two periods ever year where dayttime and nighttime are of equal length, and people mark it as an occasion to welcome change and new beginnings. Out with winter, in with spring. Out with the old, in with the new. I always happen to be in Japan during transitioning seasons, for some reason. The sight of students walking around in their graduation hakama, and that bittersweet feeling of seeing little buds of sakura not quite open? All too familiar.

There’s always a sense of frustration every time. Having seen it in its full glory, I know exactly the potential of a cherry blossom tree. Seeing that it’s not quite there yet makes you want to put everything on fast-forward. But the process, this frustration… is exactly what makes cherry blossoms magical, I think. Skipping it would totally render its beauty and transcience meaningless.

This has been an important lesson for us as we enter into our first year of marriage.

With major changes comes major adjustments. When you’ve lived the same way for 28 years, and you uproot yourself from a comfortable routine, things are surely going to get rough. In such an unfamiliar place, suddenly the only familiar things left for you to hold on to are intangible ones. The saying “Home is where the heart is.” couldn’t be any truer as we struggled the past year to re-establish our roots, individually and as a married couple, in a new city, in a new environment.

I wouldn’t say we’re close to being a fully-bloomed cherry blossom tree yet, but we’re getting there. We’re closer to a small bud that still needs a bit of pushing and patience, but with the rate we’re going, I know we’ll get there one day.

In the meantime, I can’t thank my husband enough for being the kind of sakura enthusiast who cheers for the buds that still need extra time to bloom. I am truly blessed to witness your appreciation for life and all that comes with it. The process is hard, but the tiny victories that result from it make it all worthwhile.

(Oh, remember when I surprised RG with romance omamori in Kyoto way back in 2014? 2 years later, during this trip, I brought RG to the same place so we can buy the ones for good marriage!)































































Ring from Little White Pouch














Photos are from March 2016. Some taken with the help of my cousin, some via self-timer.