Red Lobster is now in the Philippines

Talk about coincidence – A few weeks before Red Lobster sent me an invite to their opening, my dad was just telling me how sad it was that we didn’t get to go to a Red Lobster restaurant when we were in NYC. It was something he never failed to do every time he had a US trip. The rest of the family are absolute carnivores, so he’d often get outnumbered by people who’d prefer to eat steak, haha! Sorry dad!

He’s always had a soft spot for crabs and lobsters – something that I never quite understood until I was introduced to the freshest, most gigantic Maine lobsters sometime ago, while staying with my tita in Boston.

Since then, I finally understood my dad’s fascination for these orange crustaceans. Of course, bringing him with me to the Red Lobster opening was a no-brainer. 

Everything tasted great, and the prices weren’t bad either considering the serving sizes (recommended for sharing). 

Here are some photos from their opening day:


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Location: S. Maison, Conrad Hotel, Pasay City

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