Ready for Reenlistment



Zara top / Oasap skirt / Choies wedges / Louis Vuitton bag / EMODA earrings

Wearing army green before the time of the year arrives when I transform into a frolicking floral fairy for spring/summer. I’m starting to wear brighter colors again, and this is only among the many changes in my life since the year started.

I have recently expressed interest in learning new things and have taken the initiative to “level up” for personal development. I admit that in the past 3 years (since college graduation), I’ve been too pre-occupied with my career, existing hobbies and blog to do anything else with my life, and I’m starting to miss school and learning. I was never the type of student that hated school anyway so I’m really set on taking a few lessons or courses here and there, if time permits.

I really want to brush up on my Nihongo because I’ve been going to Japan a lot and it would not only be practical to be able to converse properly, but also be a good way to spend my idle time. My dream is to be able to watch J-dramas and anime without relying on subtitles. GANBATTE TO ME!

I also want to learn how to cook, thanks to my boyfriend who can cook and bake like a boss. Never found it appealing until I saw him in action. Believe it or not, I don’t even know how to cook rice or fry an egg. I just know how to microwave instant noodles and leftovers, and dial certain phone numbers for my junk food cravings. If you leave me alone on an island, I’ll probably die within a few hours.

Exercising is still very unappealing to me until now, but I think I should at least find an alternative to the gym that will keep my organs from failing me in the future? I keep telling myself to go out for a run or for a swim, but my butt seems to be glued to my bed. I need to stop being the self-proclaimed ambassador of sedentary lifestyles.

Driving is also my priority this year even if it sucks to drive around Manila (Jeepneys and buses will be the death of me, huhu). I fear for my life, but I have start depending less on other people for transportation.

Or depend less on other people in general. I already do a lot of things on my own but I’m still not as independent as I want myself to be because of the obvious lack of necessary life skills. Turning 25 has made me overly self-critical, but I know for a fact that there is always room for self-improvement. I never want to stop learning. My thirst for knowledge has never been stronger.