PUMA x Mihara Yasuhiro

Given enough time to reflect, I can probably enumerate all my life instances when I felt like I was doing something right. One of them is being directly contacted by a brand’s international PR team. This time, I got a message from PUMA, straight from Boston, wanting to send me their MY-66 sneaker wedges designed in a collaboration with Mihara Yasuhiro. I was asked to choose from black/pink, and white/gray. And of course I chose the one that I feel like will match the rest of my wardrobe. My week is made!

Mihara Yasuhiro, if the name doesn’t ring a bell, is a well-known Japanese designer known for his shoe work. While he also has his own clothing label in Tokyo, his collaboration with PUMA Black Label put him in a whole other level. If you’re curious about his other designs, try to search for images on Google and I’m sure all you sneaker freaks will want to own one of his designs too! (Count on me, of all people, to be biased about all things Japanese, lol.)

Currently, I have about 4 pairs of sneaker wedges, thanks to that fashion-meets-function element that they have. The trend doesn’t seem to be going away soon, but regardless of what’s in or not, this pair would have to be my favorite! Not only is it my first non-black pair, but I am so in love with the design! Looks like a work of art. The 3.5 inch heels add so much more height too, compared to most sneaker wedges. And not to mention, this design is quite slim and sexy, and is definitely perfect for those who aren’t huge fans of too-chunky footwear. In love!

Thinking if I should bring this to my trip to Kyoto and Osaka in a few days since I’ll be doing a lot of walking. Of course, me being me, I’d want to do it in style!