Prive 2010 at Members Only

Prive Fashion Series featuring Glitterati, presented by Mega Magazine, and Member’s Only. The designers/brand owners of Glitterati, JL Ladrido and Nina Estacio, included me as one of the 15 muses who represent the brand and have also served as inspiration for it. Included in this roster were Domz Tiu, Ysa Villar, Lissa Kahayon, Kookie Buhain, Nicole Asensio, Patricia Prieto, Maggie Wilson, Kara Gozali, Sandra Seifert, Rachel Carrasco, etc. I remember both shooting and modeling for them ages ago, when they were still pretty new. So proud of them!

What better way to start the month of September than with so much glamorous, fashionable personalities and friends. Here are some of the very few photos I took last night:

The lovely Ysa, who has appeared in some of my old college shoots before. Girl couldn’t recognize me with so much make-up on. :)

Camwhoring with one of my good friends, Domz. I can never get used to wearing such bold lipstick. This, paired with insanely thick and long falsies, makes me look rather alien-ish and so unlike me and my personality.

With Sandra, who was Miss Philippines-Earth 2009, and Kara, a 5’10” model (with a cute personality!) I’d love to photograph in the future. And yes, I was the only oriental one among all the muses. :P

With Kookie, looking absolutely fierce with her hair extensions!

Before heading home, Domz and I bumped into more fabulous fashion bloggers Karl, Paul and Mike.

More fashion bloggers who attended the event.

Finally got to meet Tin, who wrote about me a long time ago for Tongue In Chic (click here). Adorbs!

And then there’s my obligatory photo with my friend Lissa, who was the special one among the muses because she got to wear a purdy blazer since blazers are her trademark.

With Mega magazine’s editor-in-chief Sari Yap and deputy editor Meryll Yan.

Thank you Paul for these photos!