Time for Printed Bottoms

I am obsessed with printed bottoms! Where have they been hiding all my life? I would’ve worn these all throughout college if I only got my hands (or legs) on them back then.

What’s wonderful about printed bottoms is that they debunk the whole notion of anything that covers the legs being conservative and boring. Finally, gone are the days when one would automatically resist anything that has to do with anti-shorts/skirts dress codes (usually in churches and universities) since that would mean being limited to jeans. So what if you’re limited to covering your legs? Leggings and pants have now become statements on their own, and not just that “plain and neutral” thing that you pair with your favorite blouse, shoes or designer bag.

Here are some of my recent looks featuring printed bottoms! At first I was intimidated by the thought of covering my legs with all these busy prints, but I figured that as long as you focus on one key element in your outfit, these are godsend.

(Mango top, Pinkaholic galaxy pants, Michael Antonio peep-toe heels, The Stylogist studded clutch, Fayenesss Shop silver necklace) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

For this look, I wore black and silver to make the pink and purple color of my pants stand out. In general, neutrals are the safest to pair with printed bottoms since they’re a sure way to avoid looking too overwhelming. All eyes will automatically be directed to your pants!

(Pinkaholic 3-way top, Romwe shorts, Oasap floral print leggings, FashionCookie ShoeAvenue heels) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

For this look, I took into consideration the colors of the flowers on my leggings to decide what color top I should wear. This is my foolproof way of making an outfit look coherent. This look would’ve also worked if I wore yellow or plum.

(Ianywear printed top, Motel Rocks striped pants, Berry Lush heels, Dazzled Bags neon satchel) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

For this look, I paired my black and white pants with another black and white top so the colors of the shoes and bag will stand out. You know how the color accent option in cameras work? They focus on one or two colors, and make the rest of the picture black, gray and white.

Yes, I just did a photography reference on a personal style/fashion post. This is how geeky I can get.