Preview September 2012 Cover

AHH! It’s here! For once I am blogging on time! It’s still early on in September so everyone still has a few weeks to rush to the nearest bookstore and grab their own copies of Preview’s big fashion issue with me, Laureen and Camille on the cover!

This shoot came quite unexpectedly, especially since I never imagined the day would come when bloggers could actually stand a chance to appear in fashion magazine covers. Every month, I would always look forward to see which showbiz personality, artist or top model would appear on the covers of local magazines, but never in my life did I ever think that my dream of appearing in one would actually come true.

OKAY, IT’S TL;DR STARTING FROM HERE. I really want to go back to this post 10-20 years from now!

It is rather overwhelming to see everything come full circle. Back in 2006 (fresh out of high school), I appeared in a prom insert for Candy magazine, which is under Summit Media also. It was my first time to ever appear in a magazine, even if I still had all sorts of baby fat then (LOL). Later that year, I went on to pursue my dreams of becoming a photographer, while still doing modeling for small situational shoots here and there.

The first time I had my photos published as a photographer, I cried tears of joy. Even if I were only tasked to shoot small photos of some guys (not even fashion-related!) I didn’t know, there was this incomparable feeling of being able to finally put your work out there, when all you’ve been was a complete nobody. It was never about the recognition, but it was all about that fulfillment knowing that all your hard work paid off. I got quite a number of photography jobs after that.

I always joke about me being the original hipster because I was blogging and doing photography way before it ever became popular, but SERIOUSLY, I have “being there in right place at the right time” to be thankful for. My personal style and photography, I think, can be quite overrated, but I’m still so happy I get to do all the things I love for work.

In 2008, I was included in Preview’s annual list of Top Creative Filipinos, back when I was still shooting a lot of cosplay with Alodia, who I thank for giving me a chance to practice my creativity.

Come 2009, I was able to shoot for Preview’s 150th Anniversary Artbook, where I was given 100% freedom to do what I want with the concept, from the selection of models to the styling and execution of poses. This gave birth to one of my most favorite shoots of all time. The photos turned out to be well-received on my deviantART, with my own rendition of Alice garnering 10,000+ favorites. Other photos from this set included Cinderella, Snow White and the Evil Queen, and Little Mermaid.

I also met Camille around this time! She had just graduated from Ateneo (and I was still a university senior set on becoming a professional photographer) and had only started working on her clothing line, Coexist. We did quite a number of fun shoots for her brand’s catalogue and website, and for my portfolio. It was really a totally different time when we had somewhat different roles compared to now. Here were some of the photos from that time: Iana, Camille (with black hair!), Val, Feanne. Looking at these pictures now are making me so nostalgic! I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since I started helping out online stores with their photos. Some of these online stores have become really big now (Coexist included!), and they make me feel like a proud momma now that they’ve come a long way.

Later that year, I was tapped by one of my photography idols, Paolo Pineda, to assist him in shooting for a fashion editorial for another magazine. On the day itself, he decided that I be the main photographer for the shoot and he be the assistant. Talk about pressure! The results (i.e. Work in Progress, The Red Masque, and Plans) ended up becoming some of my personal favorites from my photography portfolio too.

There have been some really awesome people like Paolo who have given me some of the biggest breaks, career-wise. The list is rather long, but two of the most important industry people I want to acknowledge are Erwin Romulo (who is the EIC of Esquire now) and Jay Tablante. Both of them believed in that little kid on deviantART years ago.

I always thought that 2010 was my year. 2 weeks before graduating from Ateneo, I was already booked by an ad agency and a brand to shoot for their online campaign. So many blessings followed after that, including all sorts of random awards that I didn’t expect.

2011 started off reaaally rough, however. At the height of what I thought was the best time of my life, I was dragged down by controversy and negativity. I cried buckets for weeks, especially since after I already apologized for what I said, so many people were still talking behind my back and breaking off their so-called friendships with me. I *did* have thoughts of forever quitting blogging and social networking… which I regret even considering!

Time passed and healed everything, of course. I realized that I can never ever quit, because I’m so passionate about it. To quit would only mean more sadness, yes? Imagine a life without Instagram and Lookbook, LOL. But seriously, I wanted to still try to pursue it, at least. There’s nothing worse than just quitting without trying. To put myself back on track, I had to humble myself again, with the help of family, friends, self-help books (Seohyun, be proud!) and prayers.

Let me share to you some wise words from my mom! – “We just need to keep building our faith/sprituality, our wits, our wisdom, our humility and our charity so we remain grounded. And on the ground, we will shine in our own God-given light. That way, we remember who we are and the people who matter most, and where all this is coming from.” *tears*

2012 got nothing on all the previous years though! You just learn to forgive everyone through time and move on. Other people move on too, and this magazine cover was one of those things that made me feel the truth behind this statement. Can’t thank Preview enough for this “first”!

I am so glad I didn’t quit. I will die before I ever quit for the wrong reasons! Thank you to everyone who: 1) gave me a second chance 2) never left and 3) left me and put all their time and effort to still bring up the past

I already have my mind set on this – The past, regardless of mistakes here and there, will never make me weak. It is/will be a constant (as it can never be erased) wake-up call for me to forgive myself and others, learn and let go, and focus on improving my present self. *happy dance* Now that I think about it, what I thought was bad news before, actually ended up becoming good in the long run!

OKAY. SO THAT WAS LONG tl;dr, so here are pictures to make this post more tolerable!

Thanks to Miss Shiela of Beauty and Butter for our nails!

Before having our make-up done. Omar of Shu Uemura did mine! It was a little weird and cool at the same time to have him do my make-up since I was always in photographer mode when I’m with him. He did the make-up for this shoot I did for Wedding Essentials before.

I uploaded these on my personal Facebook recently, and my friend Ryan commented on this picture with “Sino ba yung cover? Si Omar o ikaw?” WORK IT

Hair by Mark Familara and Buern Rodriguez. We all had extreme sideparts and hairsprayed-like-there’s-no-tomorrow hair!

Laureen’s turn!

Camille’s turn! The back part reminds me of cinnamon rolls! NOM

Stylist Liz Uy and art director Vince Uy, who are also Laureen’s siblings! They are such a talented family, and I’ve always admired them from afar. They put so much work into Preview.

Laureen and Daryl! There are three articles on blogging in the September issue, and Daryl was the one who wrote the last one.

This is what we had for lunch. Walang diet diet! Right, Camille?

After lunch Laureen and Camille decided to take their outfit photos! This was shot some time ago but they only published the pictures on their Lookbooks recently because people might connect the same hairstyles and locations with this cover shoot!

Laureen and her bright outfit! When asked about her personal style, I always say that it’s the stunner kind that you can already recognize from a mile away. This being said, Laureen is the only one I know who can pull this look off so effortlessly! Print on print on print on print!

Camille was also wearing print-on-print that day! I have the same top in a different color and I almost wore it to the shoot. We would’ve looked like twins, especially with our similar hairstyles and make-up!

Managed to take a group picture just before we headed inside Pioneer Studios to change for the first layout.

Cary Santiago origami-inspired dresses against a nice European tarp backdrop. Here, Vince was telling us how to pose. The three of us were so nervous that we briefly forgot that we actually know how to pose a little for our blog entries!

Solo layout. I am so happy I got to wear this dress for the cover. I fell in love with it as soon as I laid my eyes on it, but we weren’t really too sure who gets which dress. I love how it’s both conservative and sexy. Does wonders for my lack of hips!

Pointers from Vince.

Paolo taking my picture! We originally know each other as photographers so it’s always so interesting when I go to a shoot and I have a different role! I’ve always followed his photography in Candy magazine as early as 7th grade. To be able to rub shoulders with him used to just be a dream.

It’s been a long time since our collab for that hard hat shoot! During this cover shoot, I approached him and the first thing he said to me was, “Are you still shooting? When will you focus on your photography again?” Spoken like a true mentor. I promise to be a good girl and practice my photography! *guilty*


Always so modelesque. This dress also looked like it was made just for her.

The hair of a hairstylist!

iPhone revolution. Guess which one is mine?

We called it “the peacock”.

Me and Laureen playing while Camille is the referee. NOT! I honestly can’t remember what we were talking about when this picture was taken!

From Paolo’s camera. I want that 1.2 lens, darn it. One day, Tricia.

Laureen, the life of the party!

An extra layout that was shot. It was my turn to wear the bird dress! We all had our chances to wear at least 2 different Cary Santiago dresses for the shoot, so the editors can have different options.

That’s a wrap! Photography by Paolo Pineda, Styling by Liz Uy and Daryl Chang, Makeup by Omar Ermita for Shu Uemura (Tricia Gosingtian), Pong Niu for MAC Cosmetics (Laureen Uy), Owen Sarmiento for MAC Cosmetics (Camille Co), Hair by Mark Familara and Buern Rodriguez, Art Direction by Vince Uy, Set Design By Monica Sebial, Nails By Shiela Fajardo of Beauty & Butter. Special thanks to Anna Canlas and Karen Bolilia too, for always believing in me.