Our Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot with MangoRED and Wild Reverie

When it comes to pre-wedding photo shoots in the Philippines, MangoRED has always been that game-changing pioneer that every Filipino photographer and wedding supplier looks up to. They’ve done a number of celebrity weddings over the past decade, so it was truly an honor for a simple blogger like me to be able to collaborate with them. I’ve always believed that they have that extra special something that sets them apart from everyone else. I can’t even explain it in words because my shoot with them didn’t even feel like a shoot at all!

It was more like a short beach getaway where I just happened to have a super kind photographer friend who can capture the most magical mid-action moments with such passion and spirit. None of it felt weird or unnatural, and I’ve never seen Rg looking more comfortable in a shoot.

I was also lucky to be able to witness Wild Reverie‘s DIY styling prowess and knack for creative storytelling. They made the set from scratch using materials that were native to the location. More importantly, they actually imagined themselves in the situation before coming up with the concept and props. I mean, a fondant cake would definitely look weird with a shipwrecked theme, no? It was so inspiring seeing them do everything manually when there are so many easier, lazier alternatives.

I feel like most of us (including myself) are guilty of always being consumed by earthly possessions and the material/digital world that we forget what’s real and what’s truly important. If anything, this is consistent with one of the most important lessons I learned from Rg.

Thank you to everyone who was part of this shoot for helping us immortalize our love and just letting us be ourselves. This one is definitely for the books!

The whole set can be viewed on MangoRED’s newly revamped website.

Tricia + RG Teaser from randy dagooc on Vimeo

Art Direction and Styling: Belle Lequin Wild Reverie
Photography: MangoRED Studios
Dresses: Claiza Bihasa Martin Bautista
Barefoot Jewelry and Hair Chain: Sepa Cebu
Cake: Cyn Patos CynfullySweets
Food Styling: Soil and Rica Dakudao Buenaflor
Hair and Makeup: Raymund Defeo Toni Rodriguez
Candles: RCD Wax & Candles
Coordination and Location (Calatagan, Batangas): Chinkie Uy