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Apartment 8 top / Sheinside pants / Chestbox heels / Zara bag / Time Depot Sheen watch / EMODA earrings

Counting down the days until I just totally give up on accessorizing. I’ve been stuck in a rut recently, though it’s proving to be a good exercise in terms of challenging myself to wear the least number of extra items (besides the essentials to cover my body parts, lol) without looking incomplete or underdressed.

Today marks the unofficial final day of stressing out for that secret project I’ve been talking about. Unofficial because I still might have to do some final touches. Only until then can I officially say that I’m free! Thankfully, my trip to Hong Kong with Crissey last August got rebooked to next week, because we were supposed to fly on that unfortunate day when the runway got flooded by Maring/Habagat. Anyhow, good thing we decided to put our safety first! I wouldn’t have been able to relax anyway, knowing that my project wasn’t finished yet.

Only a matter of days or weeks now before I can finally make an announcement. It’s on its way to completion but I don’t want to jinx it by pre-empting. Scared and excited!