Pond’s My Skin Advisor

A few months ago, Pond’s My Skin Advisor app was launched to allow women around the world to understand their skin in-depth and to know how they can achieve their desired skincare goals.

It’s actually the same concept as the Pond’s Institute analyzer at the BGC pop-up a few months ago (read all about it here), only this one’s a lot more convenient since you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Pond’s My Skin Advisor uses facial recognition technology that takes into account your skin goals, age, lifestyle habits, as well as geographical information such as the environment and of course, pollution levels. This is super relevant because there are so many harmful pollutants that we can’t see!

I just came back from Korea, and thankfully, I used the right Pond’s products to take care of my skin while I was there. It was cold, dry, and sunny? Truly the weirdest combination that would make any skin type confused. Rg’s skin actually broke out on our last few days, and his skin condition worsened when we got back to hot, humid Manila. I should’ve let him use my Pond’s products, lol! (Pond’s Men, hello?)

I made a quick run-through of the app in my YouTube video above, in case you guys are interested in monitoring your skin and learning more about what kind of products you can use to combat your skin problems.


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