Pond’s Institute

The Pond's Institute from outside.

Two trips to Palawan and constant sun exposure during my recent travels definitely made me fear for my skin! To be honest, I sometimes get a bit lazy to care for my skin while traveling, even if I know perfectly well that it’s exactly when I need it the most. It’s hard to follow your usual skincare regimen when you’re too tired from walking the whole day, and you just want to go straight to sleep after removing your make-up. It’s even harder to remember to put on sunscreen before starting your make-up routine in the morning. You girls know what I’m talking about!

It’s frustrating know that we have nowhere to hide when it comes to pollutants. There are unavoidable UV rays, visible light, infrared radiation, particulate matter (pollution that you can’t see) etc. due to rapid urbanization.

The worst part? Even looking at our laptops and cellphones has an effect on our skin! They say we look at our devices an average of 150 times a day. Just imagine how much damage that’s causing. I used to think I shouldn’t worry about my skin at all since I’m always indoors anyway. NOPE. Apparently not! How do you age gracefully when you take all these factors into consideration? When you know there’s no escape?

It was all too coincidental that Pond’s just announced an extension of their pop-up in BGC! It’s going to be up until June 14 (next Tuesday), so before it closes, I’m inviting everyone to have their skin analyzed at the Pond’s Institute. Are we designed for the new world? Pond’s can help us cope in these changing times.

What *is* this Pond’s Institute that I’m talking about? I’m sure you’ve seen it from afar – you can’t miss a big, white building right in the middle of Bonifacio High Street and Serendra. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just a structure that offers the latest Pond’s products (I mean, you can get them at the mall or the drugstore anyway?), but it’s more a place where you can learn more about your skin and how you can take care of it without having to go to / pay for a dermatologist.

The Pond’s Institute makes skincare solutions accessible to every Filipina. I feel like I have bad skin nowadays, especially with all the changes in the weather, so it was really convenient that I could just drop by the Pond’s Institute during my free time. No need to set an appointment!

The mere size of the structure may look intimidating from afar, but it’s actually a very warm and accommodating place when you go inside. Here’s what to expect at #TheSkinExpert —


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