Pond’s Beautiful Story – July 10, 2014

Now officially part of the Pond’s family! I’ve been using Pond’s products for as long as I can remember, and I often consider the brand as my first ever introduction to skincare and beauty.

Last July 10th, Pond’s Philippines held a “Beautiful Story” gala at The Peninsula Manila Hotel in Makati to launch the newest Pond’s endorser, as well as to show snippets of the Pond’s girls’ transformation stories.

It was such an honor to stand on the same stage as the 16 other Pond’s ambassadors, especially since I used to just admire them from afar! I never imagined that I could be part of this roster in my lifetime. Thanks to Pond’s for emphasizing that there is a place for different kinds of beauty in this world.

One of the things I love about Pond’s is that it’s out there to prove that beauty is attainable, and that real beauty also includes inner beauty. They never make it seem like it’s intimidating, like there is only one mold for someone to be considered beautiful. Even a quiet, geeky girl like me can find a place to belong!

Of course, I couldn’t let this special event pass without taking any photos!


With my loves Angie and Ogie! I’ve worked with them before as a photographer, so it was really fun and interesting to be the one sitting on the make-up chair this time.

Soft smokey eyes was the peg for the night! I wish I could do this kind of make-up on myself. Like, how awesome were these eyebrows?


Ogie’s masterpiece! They decided to put my hair up since I always have it down for my OOTDs.


Rhoy worked on pretty Patricia’s hair!


Time for touch-ups with Kryz!


This is what dreams are made of. The decors reminded me so much of Elsa’s castle in Frozen.


We look like characters from Guardians of the Galaxy! Here I am with my good friend, Ms. Beauty and Sparkle, Nicole.

Thanks to Reese Rubin for styling us for the event! Had a few outfit changes before this, but the high neck + simplicity in this one pretty much hit the mark for me.


One of the rare moments I wore backless to an event. Or to anywhere.


Dinner time. The menu was all sorts of perfect!


I had some fancy sea bass.


Le boyfriend had some foie gras steak.



Pond’s blogger ambassadors.


After dinner, they started showing our photos on the revolving stage. “I used to be just behind the scenes, but now I found the confidence to stand in front of the camera.“

To those who have followed me since the beginning of time (i.e. deviantART or even Livejournal days 10 years ago), I’ve really come a long way, huh? I used to always cover my face and never talk in public because I was shy and afraid of so many things. Once, I was so set on never showing my face, and just settling for behind the scenes forever.

I’m still the same awkward girl, but I’m no longer scared. :)


With Patricia Prieto, Heart Evangelista and Laureen Uy for Pond’s Flawless White.


Agoo Bengzon, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo for Pond’s Age Miracle.


Tweetie De leon-Gonzales, Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach, Apples Aberin, and Hindy Weber-Tantoco for Pond’s Age Miracle.


Thank you remarks by Apples Aberin. To her left (our right) is the newest endorser of Pond’s, Toni Gonzaga. I’m really happy that she was chosen as the new face of Pond’s because her beauty is really off the charts! Backstage, she also seemed so sweet and friendly, and I think I spent a good few seconds just admiring how perfect her skin was!

Toni shared the beautiful story behind that beautiful face we often see on our television sets. It was all too familiar. It was a story that all girls can definitely relate to. Toni used to go to auditions and feel discouraged whenever she was surrounded by beautiful women. But her drive and talent persevered, making her beauty shine like no other.


With Mr. Rohit Jawa, Chairman and CEO of Unilever Philippines.


With all the Pond’s girls! From top left: Charlene Gonzalez, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, Apples Aberin, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez, Agoo Bengson, Patricia Prieto, Tricia Gosingtian, Toni Gonzaga, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Nicole Andersson, Kryz Uy, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Laureen Uy, Heart Evangelista, Julia Barretto, Cheska Garcia-Kramer, Hindy Weber-Tantoco.

Thank you for calling us “The Philippines’ Most Beautiful Faces” <3 We all share the same dream to inspire Filipinas that they too can be more beautiful than they ever imagined.

Stay tuned for our personal transformation videos soon. Discover the #BeautifulStory behind every beautiful face, and you might just discover yours.

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