Pleated Flare

Tricia Gosingtian Fashion Blogger Philippines

EMODA top and bag / Choies skirt / Oasap heels / The Fab Shop earrings

Ever since I dyed my hair back to brown, I’ve been dressing a little less edgy and a little more vanilla… which I think defines my style a bit more accurately. Glad to be back.

Loved my blue Sailor Moon skirt? I have it in magenta as well! Couldn’t get enough of it so I ordered it in red and green yesterday, lol. I can never have too many of these bright A-line skirts in my closet, especially now that we’re months away from spring. Someone is clearly excited.

I missed a sponsored trip to Switzerland last week because my trip to Taiwan made the visa processing time too tight. I couldn’t really do anything as I really enjoyed my Taiwan trip and wouldn’t trade it for the world, so there’s no use sulking about missed opportunities. It only means that there’s a better time for me to go to Switzerland!

Nothing’s confirmed yet, but I’m eyeing to fly to Tokyo again to visit friends and enjoy cherry blossom season. And some time in May, I think I’ll be going to the US (Las Vegas and San Francisco?) with my family to visit my brother Calel. This is my motivation to finish all my pending New York, Boston and LA travel diaries or else I’m going to have a very hard time! Where are you guys going for spring/summer break?