Piandre Salon: Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy – Same Day Smoother Service

Piandre Salon

I’m sure you’ve already heard of the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy before, but did you know that Piandre Salon is the exclusive distributor of this service in the Philippines?


Treatments are a must for my hair. I’m always styling and dyeing it different colors, so it’s not rare to find a few split ends and frizzy strands once in a while. Thankfully, Piandre Salon currently offers Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy – Same Day Smoother Service. I’ve tried keratin treatments before, but so far, this is the best one.

It’s a new service that makes nourishes the hair, makes it shiny, and cuts down drying and styling time for up to 3 months. The thing that’s got me sold on this service is that I don’t have to wait 72 hours to wash my hair! I can already wash my hair the next day. I hate the feeling of unwashed hair, so this is the perfect kind of keratin treatment for me.


I dropped by Piandre Salon a few weeks ago with my friend Ashley, whose last salon visit was way back when she was living in Tokyo. Let’s see if Piandre’s standards matches the high-quality services she’s used to in Japan.


The menu of services are on each table so you don’t get bill-shocked.


Had to wash hair before applying the keratin treatment.


Who would’ve imagined that this super-charged treatment can successfully remove frizz?


Cookies! I always get these when I’m in Piandre. So good! Don’t forget to ask for a few pieces when you’re visiting the salon.



The stylists applying the treatment to our hair. That’s Ms. Alona behind me – she was the one responsible for my latest hair color (which you can read about here). Look for her in Piandre BGC if you want the same color!


Shampoo selfie. I can easily fall asleep in their shampoo station because their wash basin is super comfortable. No aching necks here!


Looking like Professor Quirrell again, lol.


Drying time.

And last but not the least – ironing the hair straight.


Ta-dah! Here are the results of Piandre Salon’s Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy.


Ashley’s hair had to adjust to the humidity here (Japan air is dry, but very friendly to frizz-prone sensitive hair). Keratin Complex encases the hair follicle with a keratinous bond to block the effects of humidity.


More than satisfied with the results. The before photo of my hair is out-of-the-shower air-dried hair. The after photo is all thanks to Keratin Complex! Now I can have maintenance-free hair for the next 3 months.

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