Piandre Salon: Back to Medium Blonde + Vanilla Bean Treatment

It’s been 2 months since my last dye session, and I can’t believe it took me this long to have them retouched. I used to obsess on the tiniest bit of regrowth, though I was surprised they didnn’t look too bad with my latest hair color. Or maybe it’s just me loosening up and taking things a bit easier nowadays, lol.

Piandre uses Lakme, and true enough, their ash colors do not turn into rust or orange. They often fade to a cool, non-brassy brown. Lakme has low levels of ammonia so you’re sure that it won’t dry or damage your hair too much.

I had this color 2 months ago, but when I had my keratin treatment last month, my hair color lightened significantly. It wasn’t bad at all, but I wanted my original hair color back.

And so I went to Piandre to have my whole head dyed again! Roots first, this time.

Look for Ms. Alona from Piandre BGC if you want to achieve the same hair color!

Disclaimer: It’s impossible to get to this color instantly if you have dark, virgin hair, so expect an additional charge for pre-lightening.

If you’re wondering about Piandre’s hair coloring rates~

Had a luxurious foot massage while waiting for the dye to seep in.

Washed the dye off after 30 minutes or so.

Treatment time. This is a MUST if you’re always coloring your hair. I tried their Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Treatment for the first time and I’M HOOKED. My hair smelled super yummy for about 3 days even after shampooing/conditioning normally.

The best part – it really leaves your hair smooth and manageable. If you’re having hair fall problems, this is also a treatment that can strengthen your hair and bring it back to a healthier state.

At this hair length, I always need two people to blowdry my hair at the salon, lol.

Yikes, damaged ends. I actually haven’t had a proper haircut this whole year…

…so I decided to go for a bold, blunt chop. :) I kind of miss having insanely long locks now, but getting a trim and removing split ends is part of the whole experience of growing your hair out.

So this is how it looks like when it’s straight.

And this is how it looks like when I curl the ends. Love the healthy brown color!

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